HSI Hair Care Accessories That You Can't Live Without

You care for your hair, right? In what ways? You want it to reflect who you are, you want it to look good, you want it to be healthy. How do your actions reflect that concept? Perhaps you're on the search for the best tools and products for your hair; perhaps you've given up all hope and don't do anything with it at all in hopes that your lack of action will preserve its natural state.

Perhaps you've found HSI Professional products, and you're loving every bit of making use of those – now wondering what else they have to offer? Perhaps you're brand new to your lifelong journey of pro-actively striving for healthy hair; if that's the case, allow us to present to you a handful of HSI hair care accessories that you simply can't live without.

HSI hair care accessories

Glider Flat Iron

The sad, simple truth of the matter is this: most flat irons are downright terrible for your hair. Don't lose hope, though, we're here to tell you about our HSI flat iron that you simple can't live without. What makes our flat irons better? HSI Professional flat iron's are ceramic tourmaline ionic flat irons.

Tourmaline is a crystal that is ground into a fine powder and infused into the ceramic plates of the flat iron. When heated, this substance produces a huge amount of negative ions, enough to counteract the positive ions found in dry and damaged hair. This means that ceramic tourmaline flat irons are better at avoiding hair damage and neutralizing ions that cause static and frizz.

In addition to using ceramic tourmaline, every flat iron HSI uses HeatBalance technology with 8 micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat while the hair straightens. This ensures that you don't run that extreme heat through your hair more than you absolutely have to, and that when you do the heat is distributed evenly. Finally, each of our flat irons contains customizable settings that should be customized based on hair type.

We never want you to use a setting that's hotter than absolutely necessary, simply because that's a surefire way to strip your hair of any and all moisture. So... a flat iron that comes with HeatBalance technology, ceramic tourmaline plates, and customizable settings? Simply a must have.

Groover Curling Wand

If you have straight hair but love to wear curls every now and then, our Professional Curling Wand Set is for you. The Groover Kit is a 4 piece ceramic curling wand with digital LCD, and is a best seller among our wands. The Groover Tapered Curling Wand and Groover Curling Wand are 1 inch ceramic curling wands with digital LCD, are more moderately priced, and are easy to use.

All of our curling wands feature HeatBalance technology, ceramic tourmaline-infused barrels, digital temperature control, and an auto-shutoff safety mode. The Groover wands will give you big, bouncy curls with volume while maintaining the health of your hair with its top notch technology.

Argan Oil Products

Argan Oil Products

Argan oil is a naturally derived oil from the fruit of the Morrocan Argan tree. It's a substance known for its smoothing and heat protecting effects. Simply stated, it infuses your hair with essential nutrients to give your hair the moisture it needs, to promote shine and to fight frizz. When it comes to protecting your hair from high heat exposure, Argan Oil is simply a must.

Not only does Argan Oil protect from future damage, it can help restore already damaged hair, which can be quite unruly as it needs special attention in order to bring it back to life and to keep it healthy, sleek and strong.

We provide several products that will repair and enrich dry and damaged hair as it replenishes moisture and shine and protects the hair from future damage: if it's a product necessary for healthy hair – we supply it with our Argan Oil compound. Argan Oil Heat Protectant, Argan Oil Hydrating Smoothing Mask, Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment, Argan Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, and combination sets of all of the above are included in our shop.

Flat Iron Stand

Anyone who's ever been distressed over where to set a hot flat iron down where it can't harm a surface or become a fire hazard can appreciate this must have accessory: a heat resistant flat iron stand. No more questioning whether or not the countertop will be effected by the heat, or whether or not the towel you lay it on will catch on fire. Forget the possibility that your flat iron will melt or burn whatever surface it touches. HSI has a smart solution – a product for storing the device while in use that also features heat release air vents for when you're stowing it away.

The product is safe and 100% heat resistant, and it can easily be stuck on mirrors, ceramic surfaces, and mounted on walls. As long as you're storing the device safely, your environment will be protected from heat exposure. Don't miss out on these must have HSI accessories. Once you have them you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.  

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