HSI Presents the Best Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2017

Hair stays the same but hairstyles are always changing. We’re in 2017 and HSI has seen a LOT of those changes – some of which we’re going to share with you. No matter which hairstyle you choose to sport this year, you can be rest assured that the year will be interesting, and our products will help you to realize your perfect form.

HSI Presents The Boy Cut

The androgynous look is definitely in this year, and if it’s what you’re going for, then the boy cut will serve your purposes well. Generally, those with longer, angular faces will want to take advantage of this, but if yours is different, then you can still find a cut that suits you – don’t worry. One important thing to remember, however, is that when you commit to this style of cut, you are committing to a shorter hairstyle and you’ll be looking at several years of growth if you want your hair to become shoulder length or longer again. This is a commitment, and it is a style that you really need to want.

Going Curly in 2017

We’re heading into summer right now and as you already know, flyaway curls and of course kinks are going to creep out of their hiding places and give us more trouble than we can manage. If it’s going to happen anyway, then why not embrace it? Obviously a full head of curly hair, especially one that is made to look completely natural will take some time to pull off, so it’s not really an everyday look. You can, however, sport it for important events and give everyone something to stare in awe at.

curly hair

Is the Bardot Fringe Right for You?

Fringe cuts are growing more popular by the day, and they’re not exactly new. You’ve already seen these worn by Penelope Cruz, Alexa Chung, and even Goldie Hawn. The trick is finding the right one for your face, so speak to your stylist and see what you can find out. Honestly, we think it’s a great look, and it appears very natural when done right – don’t dismiss it.

Do you Remember the Pony Tail?

Do you happen to remember the 90’s when everyone was sporting a pony tail? We know you’ve been missing it, so why not be instrumental in bringing it back? The pony tail isn’t just one style, you can use it with a hair tie, you can tie it off with a loose ribbon, or virtually anything else that you think might create a new, cute style. The one thing that we do recommend is that you tip your head forward with you’re creating your pony tail, because you don’t, you’ll end up with a saggy bottom – unless that’s what you were going for.

Pony Tail

The Bob

Now here’s a job for an HSI professional product – the bob was popular last year and it will continue to be a favorite in 2017 – you might even grow fond of it. It’s true that it never goes out of fashion, but you can definitely expect to see a more modern version of it floating, or bobbing around.

The Natural Look

HSI knows that there are people out there who spend hundreds of dollars trying to get their hair to look exactly right, but why not go for the natural look? You can take care of your hair while making it look like you aren’t trying, and it’s probably going to be a lot easier for you. Just keep it brushed out, wash it, and make sure it doesn’t get tangled. Just remember to use a straightener if you have extremely coarse hair, otherwise it can get tangled way too easily.

HSI professional strongly recommends finding a style that’s going to suit you for forseeable future, but we also strongly recommend shopping around. Don’t settle for the first thing you see; weigh your options and treat your hair like what it is: a work of art. You can present any look you want in 2017, and before you know it, you might just be an inspiration to others. It’s time to take your hair an entirely new level with one of the styles that we mentioned above, or you can find something completely different.

Just remember, when you’re getting ready to take your hair to that next level, you’re going to want HIS professional products at your side – they’ll work wonders for you, and they’ll help you to achieve your new style in a healthy manner.

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