HSI Professional Advice for Getting Your Hair Summer Ready

Summer is right around the corner, and you’re probably thinking about hitting the beach. Honestly, why wouldn’t you be? Don’t deny it! Embrace the beach side of yourself and commit to playing volleyball, tanning, or standing in the surf. Just don’t forget to take a look at these HSI Professional tips for getting your hair ready for the coming summer. As the month's onset, there are a few things that you will need to worry about, starting with heat and humidity, but the dry wind will also become a factor. These three can make your hair frizzy, and of course, make it dehydrated. Take a few of these tips and make sure that your hair is in tip-top condition.

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Cut it Off – It’s the Best Tip from HSI Professional

You’re probably attached to your hair as much as it is attached to you, but at some point, you DO need to learn to let go. Here’s the thing, coming out of winter, you’re going to have a lot of dead ends, and that means some pretty nasty looking hair if you don’t keep on top of it. Your best bet will be to visit a salon and have those split ends quickly removed, and you can take this opportunity to try out an entirely new style if you want.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pamper your Hair

Your hair needs special treatment if it is going to be ready for the coming heat in any capacity, there’s no doubt about it! During the summer you need to go for some deep conditioning, and perhaps use some Argan oil from HSI professional. Sometimes, your hair just needs a little bit of pampering to bring it back from the edge!

Make a Change

Yes, when the weather is colder, you probably have to break out the heavy conditioners to keep your hair in prime condition, but at this point, in the summer, you can probably switch to something lighter. Remember, products that work during the winter are often completely useless in the heat of summer.Switch it up and see what happens! If you really want to make a change, consider coloring your hair – there’s nothing like a little hair color to brighten up your appearance! Remember, most hair color will wash out after 6-8 shampoos, so plan accordingly.

Visit a Hair Spa

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a professional spa day, or similar once in a while. If you want it, then seriously, go to a hair spa and get your hair healthy. There’s nothing quite like a head massage, and no one can argue with that.

Eat Right

Now that you’re here reading this, you’re probably wondering what on earth food has to do with hair. Did you know that a protein rich diet can actually make your hair healthier? Eat lean meats, fish, and dairy products to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted!

Hair Masks for Texture

During the summer, you can bet that more people will be looking at your hair. A hair mask is a great way of improving the shine and can even soothe your scalp if you choose the right ingredients.

Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in HSI Professional Hair Products

Remember: Summer makes your hair frizzy and will even dehydrate it. Leave-in serums and hair hydrating products are a great idea and can be used right after your shampoo. Apply them to the roots for best results!

Stay Clean

Your hair needs to stay clean. Wash it every day, as the humidity and heat will make it greasy. Keeping your hair in good condition during the summer months can be a pretty difficult proposal, but it’s definitely not impossible!

Follow some of the steps that we mentioned above, and make sure that yours is ready to face the heat. Before you know it you’re going to have sleek, shiny, hair that is ready to withstand both the heat and humidity of the coming summer days.

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