HSI Professional Presents Spring Hairstyles for 2017

Guess what? Winter is over and Spring is about to be in full swing – are you ready? You might have broken out the sundress and the sandals, but how about your hair? Is your hair ready for what’s coming? It’s a new year and quite frankly it’s got to be a new you. You could just break out the flat iron or put your hair into a ponytail, but why aren’t you rocking a new hairstyle? We’ve taken the liberty of listing a few HSI approved hairstyles that you should be considering, because you only get one chance to make a first impression as you step out of your house to greet the spring.

Grow out the Pyxie

You’ve seen the Pyxie cut more than once by now, and maybe you’ve considered getting it before, but maybe, just maybe you held off because it didn’t look like the most mature haircut out there. Then again, maybe you just didn’t want to look like everyone else. We really can’t blame you, but don’t worry, you can make the pyxie your own by growing it out. Instead of making it the shortest haircut you’ve ever see, HSI professional strongly recommends that you ask for the length to be a bit greater and that you let the hair texture shine. It won’t be a high maintenance cut, but it’s going to look cute, and during the springtime, that’s all that really matters.

HSI Professional Spring Hairstyles

Try the Buzz Cut

Someone needs to tell Sigourney Weaver that she doesn’t have a monopoly on the buzz cut. She might have looked great fighting the alien, but you can look just as great walking down the street. Remember, a buzz cut doesn’t necessarily need to mean all the way down to the scalp – some buzz cuts can actually look pretty amazing if there’s just a LITTLE left on top.

The Undercut

Hair comes in layers, but you probably already know that, and sometimes, cutting the layer beneath can create an amazing aesthetic. The undercut channels and exudes confidence like nothing else, and quite frankly, it’s a pretty bold cut. Give it a try, it’s the latest style and the bravest thing you can do with your hair.

The Blunt Bob

The really cool thing about this one is that it’s going to work for you whether you want to go with straight or wavy hair – you don’t have to choose! There’s nothing wrong with a bob, and it does a great job of representing your character; don’t hesitate to try it, if you’re brave enough to chop off a few inches.

HSI Professional

Curly Bob

As someone who has curly hair, I can tell you that I feel a little bit restricted, and if you have it, then you probably feel exactly the same way. With a bob, however, the hair will have enough volume, and it can even help to eliminate the split ends so that your hair looks extremely healthy. Plus, the bob is always going to be a bit cooler than a full head of hair.

Textured Blunt Cut

More than a few people were wearing this one in 2016, and who can really blame them? In 2016, the textured blunt cut became the natural evolution of it, and it’s achieved by cutting layers internally, You create a wispy, though highly streamlined look that anyone can fall in love with. The best part is that you don’t have to have a particular hair structure or texture to enjoy the textured blunt cut; it’s going to work for anyone, and that’s absolutely amazing.

This list from us at HSI Professional should give you a pretty good starting point when it comes to finding the right hairstyle and the right way to start off spring. Don’t worry, we’re going to be back in the summer time to talk about brand new hairstyles and give you a quick glimpse into the future. Your hair is important – treat it as such, and make sure that you’re up with the latest styles.

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