HSI Takes a Look at the Best Hairstyles from the Oscars

The academy awards are one of the events we look forward to at HSI Professional since the most popular hairstyles are showcased as celebrities make their way to the attendance. The Academy Awards, referred to as the ‘Oscars', began as a group of twenty-four technical and artistic honors given out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. The Oscars are held in recognition of the cinematic achievements the Academy has assessed through voting to be the best of the best.

Each winner of various categories is given a copy of the statuette referred as the Academy Award of Merit but has simply been nicknamed the ‘Oscar'. The awards were first presented in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel hosted by the Academy. The awards ceremony was broadcasted for the first time on radio in 1930 but wasn't televised until 1953. The Academy Awards have been held ever since 2017 being their 89th year to be hosted.

HSI Professional

Visiting the Red Carpet

HSI always has an eye out on the latest trends and fashions when it comes to various hairstyles that hit the red carpet. The Oscars are no exception with many celebrities showcasing their own chic to simple hairstyles gracing the heads of each celebrity:

Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronHit it off with a throwback to the 80s to complement the countless shimmering diamonds she was wearing on her ears. Being able to find a hairstyle to stand out on its own beside the jewelry must have been a challenge, but Theron has struck an elegant appearance to accent every aspect of her style. The swooping hairline and side-part accent her cheekbones nicely while still maintaining a decent distance between the earrings to the hair. The rest of the hair has been smartly pulled back into a basic ponytail, but Theron makes the simple hairstyle her own.


Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts brought her own elegant hairstyle HSI Professional greatly admired to the red carpet this year. She chose to go with a new hair color, fiery copper locks with classic waves. Her captivating hair style matches well with the energy of color she's chosen, ending off with an elegant glistening finish. Roberts has even utilized the appearance of healthy hair to the fullest with the proper care and maintenance necessary to get that healthy ‘bounce' that's hard to achieve. The light tones of strawberry and tangerine pay homage to how much work and care went into her locks.


Janelle Monae

Janelle appeared to take a different route for her hairstyle and outfit, choosing to draw plenty of attention during her appearance on the red carpet. HSI knows all too well even the simplest hairstyles can make a bold statement when used effectively. Janelle's outfit consisted of gems, embellishments, crystals, and a variety of textures which made for an energetic style. Even with so much decoration adorning her body, she even manages to make her hair the finishing touch with so much energy going on. Her short-cropped pixie cut is finished with a decorative headband certainly set the stage tonight that simple hairstyle can still be elegant.


Halle Berry

Halle is another strong contender at the night of the Oscars, HSI Professional believes deserves credit for her stunning hairstyle. She has a glorious mass of curls atop her head and each ringlet appears to be tight and curly. Halle's cloud of curls certainly attracted their share of attention, but she definitely showcased her personality with such a definitive hairstyle. She even went the extra mile to add in touches of caramel and bronze to bring more life to her cloud of curls. The lowlights and highlights scattered throughout each ringlet make for a dynamic look, but still, maintains an artful mess that appears natural.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett is a prime example of rocking a simple hairstyle and still looking fabulous while doing it too. The Black Widow actress exudes a strong, masculine kind of energy with her punk rocker hairstyle. She's gone for a slight poof hinting at a crown with the sides buzzed down so the focus is on her features. Certainly one of the less flash and dazzle hairstyles on the red carpet, but Scarlett Johansson understands perfectly how to translate her fashion into every strand of hair. HSI Professional was glad to see so many fabulous hairstyles make their way to the red carpet this year. Each hairstyle truly accentuates the actress who bears it and speaks its own story of personality.


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