HSI's Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Unwanted Flyaways

There is little doubt that flyaways are a source of serious annoyance for the average person and if you’re dealing with them right now then guess what? You want to get rid of them. Don’t worry, once you learn to manage them, you’ll never want to stop. You know as well as we do that your hair is an important part of your body – it might not be a vital organ, but it’s vital to your looks and it’s vital to your own self-esteem.

Quite frankly, you can have perfect, sleek, shiny hair, but if you have just a few flyaways, it really ruins your entire aesthetic. HSI Professional is familiar with flyaways, and we have a few tips to help you get rid of them.

HSI Professional

Start with the Conditioner

Here’s a fun fact: if your hair is conditioned, it’s going to be more cooperative, there’s just no way around it. The best thing you can do is start with a lightweight leave-in conditioner that will hydrate your hair and keep it from becoming a dry mess. For your weekly hair routine, you can rub in a hair mask , which will give you a more intense moisturizing experience.

Should You Abandon the Brush?

The brush is great, but one of the reasons people tend to get flyaways is hair breakage. Breakage occurs for many reasons, most of which you can stop, and be using a hair brush while your hair is wet? Well, that’s going to cause some problems. If you still need to style your hair, we recommend waiting until it is slightly dry or using a wide-tooth comb for detangling. This might seem like an extra step, but it can definitely prevent flyaways, which is the most important part.

Get Rid of the Towel

When you first get out of the shower, there’s a good chance that your first instinct is to grab a towel, but we’re here to tell you that it’s just not a good idea. Towels are far too coarse and they can easily cause breakage. If you want to keep that from happening, then we strongly recommend that you dry your hair with a soft t-shirt or paper towels. If you have an old t-shirt, you can keep it in your bathroom under the sink, just make sure you keep two or three on hand if your hair is thick as they absorb water quickly.

Use Styling Products Smartly

HSI Professional products

Even with HSI professional products you need to be smart. In other words, while they can definitely be lifesavers in terms of flyaways you want to use them very sparingly. Match up the product weight to the texture of your hair for the best results, but don’t go overboard, or your hair will begin to look greasy.

Be Careful with Heat Styling

You’ve heard us say this before, and we’re going to say it again: be careful with the hot tools. One of the biggest reasons for flyaways is over-styling and over-brushing. If you do need to whip out the flat iron or the blow dryer, then it would be a good idea to use heat protectant spray, and make sure that your hair remains healthy, even if you have to do multiple passes. Remember, if your hair is sizzling, you’re doing it wrong. At the end of the day, keeping flyaways under control is going to be all about making sure you’ve taken care of your hair properly and with the right styling products.

HSI’s products are not only of high quality, they use Argan oil, which is known far and wide to be one of the best ingredients for hair care. Sure, getting rid of the flyaways might be a bit difficult first, but once you fall into a good hair care routine, you’re going to be good to go. If you’re so inclined, feel free to take a quick look at our carebox, a monthly delivery service that gives you everything you need to whip your hair into shape, practically overnight.

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