If you're Not Using Argan Hair Oil, You're Missing Out

by HSI Professional | Apr 22 2017

Right now, you probably have a ton of products in your medicine cabinet that you use for your morning beauty routine, and you’re probably a bit reluctant to add something new. Don’t worry, we totally understand, but we also think that you could benefit greatly by using argan oil for hair.

So what are the benefits? What is it that makes argan oil a better choice for your hair health than anything else you might be using? In our opinion, it’s a pretty great all-purpose conditioner, and there are numerous upsides. Let’s talk about a few that might be extremely helpful for you.

Argan Oil for Hair

Get Rid of Dandruff Using Argan Oil for Hair

Most people do suffer from dandruff, and the cause is a typically dry scalp. The problem is that a lot of shampoos on the market right now have to dry chemical agents, which is why you’re supposed to use a leave in conditioner after you step out of the shower. Yes, you can get rid of dandruff that easily. It’s a bit of an extra step, but we can’t express how worthwhile it is to actually take that step.

If the scalp is dry for too long you’re going to have a serious dandruff problem and it will definitely start to show in your hair – put a stop to it before that happens, and most importantly before it starts dropping onto your clothes. Argan oil can help to keep the scalp moisturized and ready to face the day. It will nourish your hair and keep it shiny. If you have hair, argan oil is a must.

Get Rid of Frizz for Good!

If you have frizzy hair, then you already know what a pain it is to make sure it actually goes away. Frizz manifests itself in several different spots, but you’ve probably noticed it quite a bit around the top of your head. Argan oil, with just a single drop, you can get maximum coverage, and most importantly, get that frizz under control. When you’re applying it, do make sure that you pay close attention to how much you are using, and most importantly, where you apply it. It is strongly recommended that you apply to your scalp directly, and most people will see near immediate benefits – it’s definitely something that you will want to think about adding to your medicine cabinet!

Keep your Hair Protected; It’s Important!

So many people fail to realize that their hair can actually be damaged, but you know what? It can, and that’s a serious problem. So what does that mean for you exactly? Well, It means that before you use any heated styling tools, you should cover your hair with argan oil as it can easily keep your hair protected from the heat damage. The best part about it is that it doesn’t need to rely on harmful chemical additives that could otherwise damage your hair in different ways. Argan oil for hair is all natural and capable of giving you that frizz-free appearance you crave.

Brittle Hair? Not Anymore!

Argan Oil for Hair

If you have brittle hair, there is a good chance you want to take care of it as soon as possible, and you’re going to need argan oil, without a doubt. You’re going to need a bit more, about 6 to 8 drops, but remember, it’s a very potent substance, so use it sparingly. You can actually place a small amount in your shower cap, which will help to retain the body’s natural heat, thereby making the argan oil much more effective.

Argan oil hair conditioner can be highly effective and is definitely something that you will want to look into the next time you’re thinking about adding something new to your grooming regimen. Check out HSI’s products and get started!




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