Important Facts to Learn about your Ionic Flat Iron

Ionic Flat Iron

If you’re in a rush to use an ionic flat iron, there are definitely a few things that you’re going to need to learn about it first. Initially, you need to know that flat irons are an outstanding tool used to straighten hair quickly and effectively. The only real downside is that you could be facing heat that will damage your hair, and with that being the case, any cosmetologist is going to tell you to be extremely careful with your straightener, ceramic or otherwise.

So how does it work exactly? It begins with the hair being pressed between two hot surfaces, heated, and simply straightening the hair. This is it on the surface, but there is actually quite a bit more to your ceramic tourmaline flat iron and the hair that it straightens. Let’s take a look at some of the contributing factors and most importantly, what they mean.

Ionic Flat Irons – Trickier than they Seem

Did you know that thicker hair almost always yields a better result? Thicker hair is more durable, and it will be perfectly fine if it is placed beneath a flat iron. The real trouble begins when you have thin and brittle hair. The problem is that there just isn’t much of it, and it doesn’t handle the heat very well. For the most part, hair can withstand up to 450 F, but it would be a good idea to reduce the heat to somewhere in the 200 range.

Avoid Using your Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron with Wet Hair

If you’re using a flat iron for the first time, then there is a good chance you’ve already heard all of the warnings against using them with wet hair. You definitely shouldn’t put a flat iron on shower wet hair, but you can use it on damp hair if you’d like. Remember this: if you hear a sizzling when you apply heat to your hair, you’re doing something terribly wrong, and you need to either stop or turn the heat down right away.

Steaming it Up

One of the most popular tricks is to use a flat iron that releases steam, which gives the hair the moisture it needs to straighten, and damage is lessened. This type of flat iron is often used by cosmetologists and while it is safer, care still needs to be taken to ensure that the hair does not become damaged. Also keep in mind that it will need to be adjusted, still, just like a standard flat iron.

Pick the Right Flat Iron for the Job

In closing we just want to say this: don’t choose a ceramic flat iron that is of low quality. For example, you want to go with either tourmaline or titanium to obtain maximum heat distribution. Standard metal irons almost never provide full coverage and they can be downright dangerous for your hair. Flat irons are an amazing implement for your hair care, just make sure you’re getting the best one. Some of the best ceramic flat irons are offered right here in our store and we offer them in both the ceramic and titanium variety.

Most importantly, you can get one for free when you order our Care Box! There are plenty of benefits to using our products, the most important being that your hair is going to get the attention that it truly deserves without the potential damage. Use the right products, use the right techniques, and most importantly, make sure that you speak to your hair stylist to find out more about your hair type, and what it specifically requires.


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