Iron Hair At A Lower Heat Setting For A Better Result

Ironing your hair can bring amazing results. You can make your hair sleek, shiny, and ready for anything. However, most people who use auto shut off flat irons don't realize they're damaging their hair. When used incorrectly, your flat irons can actually burn it! Here's how to get the right heat for your hair, and get amazing hair without the damage.

Heat Damage Is A Real Problem

Heat damage is the most common way women damage their hair. It's not surprising, as many styles their hair with some kind of heated tool every day. What they don't know is that there's a right way and a wrong way to use those tools. If you crank them up to the highest heat and just let loose on your hair, it's going to burn. Hair damage is difficult to come back from.

There's pretty much no way to repair it. If you burn your hair, your only option to cut the damaged sections off and grow your hair back out. Of course, no one wants to do that. That's why you need to know how to use your ceramic flat iron safely.

How Heat Damages Your Hair

How Heat Damages Your Hair

When you apply too much heat to your hair, it alters the very structure of the hair follicle. That means that if you have naturally curly hair, it won't bounce back into curls after a wash like you imagined it would. This is a sign the hair is damaged, and sadly it's irreversible.

What's worse, the heat affects the water that's in your hair. That steam you've seen while you've been flat ironing? That's the water in your hair being boiled off. When you use the wrong settings, you are literally boiling your hair.

Lower The Heat For Better Results

That sounds like we're trying to scare you, but these are the facts. It's better you know just how much damage flat irons can do when used incorrectly. Does that mean you have to give them up forever? Not at all! In fact, just a few changes to your routine and you can carry on as you were. The secret is in the heat setting you use. If your flat irons don't have heat settings, throw them out. We're serious. Everyone's hair reacts to heat differently, so if you can't pick the right temperature for you, you need a different set of flat irons.

Now, you need to find the best temperature for you. Lower the heat till it's at the minimum, then start trying to straighten your hair. Up the heat little by little. Eventually, you'll find the heat that works for you. Once you find it, keep the flat irons at that temperature, and don't move the dial.

HSI Flat Iron

Other Ways To Protect From Heat

Adjusting the temperature is one way of avoiding heat damage, but there are lots of other tricks that can help you get the best hairstyle without sacrificing your locks. Use these tips to get the most out of your professional straighteners:
  • Use a heat protectant: No heated styling tool should be coming near your hair without this on it first. They usually come in sprays, lotions, or creams. Apply it to your hair and then use your flat irons. It creates a barrier between your hair and the heated plates, meaning less heat is going to be transferred to your hair. You can buy protectants that nourish your hair too, especially those that contain argan oil.
  • Section out your hair: A lot of damage occurs when the person styling their hair goes over the same section again and again. Of course, your hair will be damaged if that happens. Instead, section out the hair and you can see exactly where you've styled, and where you need to do still.
  • Give your hair a break: We know, we know. You wouldn't dream of stepping out of the door without perfectly ironed hair. However, even with all the protection in place, constant flat ironing will take its toll. Give your hair the day off from time to time. Adopt a casual up do instead, and your hair will thank you.

Buy An HSI Flat Iron For Best Results

In the market for a new flat iron? Then here at HSI we have you covered. We have a whole range of flat irons that feature Heat Balance technology, so you can use your flat irons, safe in the knowledge that they won't develop 'hot spots' and burn your hair by accident.

Heat damage is a real and worrying threat, but just by using precautions you can negate most of it. Be careful with your flat irons and put some protection in place, and your hair will thank you.

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