Is a Flat Iron for Hair the Only Way to Straighten?

Hair straightening is a popular styling technique that gained traction in the 1890s to give hair a sleek, smooth, and streamlined appearance. During the 1950s-hair straightening rose in popularity once again leading to many people seeking out different ways to give their hair the desired sleek and smooth appearance. Many people could pull the look off using roller sets/blow dryers, hot combs, flat irons, Brazilian hair straightening, chemical relaxers, and Japanese hair straightening.

Ceramic hair straighteners

What’s the Difference Between a Flat Iron and Other Straightening Techniques?

The flat iron for hair is different from other styling techniques since it’s designed to modify the texture and shape of the hair. Ceramic hair straighteners use heat to change the structure of the hair and with a few passes make it sleek and straight. Environmental factors are often the cause of why hair will not remain straight for a long amount of time due to humidity, rain, and washing. People will resort to using extra products after hair straightening like certain gels to hold hair in place, but it can have varying results depending on the product used.

One of the risks of using a flat iron is the potential to permanently alter the structure of the hair is overuse of the heating tool. Referred to as “heat damage”, it can be devastating to hair unless precautions are taken ahead of time. HSI Professional recommends using a heat protectant spray to lower the potential of heat damage being a risk. Other hair straightening techniques vary greatly from a flat iron for hair with some being more effective than others. Blow dryers with a brush or comb attachment can be used to straighten out hair.

They can be used on a medium or low heating level to protect the hair texture and the scalp. When too much heat is applied, it can damage the hair, but also make it hard for the hair to retain moisture. Another common styling technique is the use of large hair rollers that are applied to damp hair to stretch it out as it begins to straighten. Large rollers are utilized with blow drying to minimize the heat damage.

What Can Hair Straightening Techniques be Damaging?

Hair Straightening Techniques

Using a hair straightener to achieve silkier and smoother locks can be a hassle for people who are new to this styling technique. There are preparations people should take ahead of time to ensure their hair benefits from the full treatment and have longer lasting results. Chemical relaxers permanently alter the structure of the hair to keep it straight. The issue with chemical relaxers is they are often devastating to a hair over time and can cause more damage than their worth.

One drug in chemical relaxers is called “interferon alpha” which has been reported to modify the hair follicles over time. This causes permanent changes and damages to a person’s hair texture, so it’s worth noting to avoid chemical relaxers at all costs. While other hairs straightening methods like flat irons do carry the risk of causing heat damage, it doesn’t affect the hair follicles. Eventually, the heat damage will be gone as new hair grows in overtime the texture of the hair will return to its natural state.

Are There Any Long-Term Solutions?

When using a hair, straightener combined with the right products, it is possible to make hair healthier and easier to work with without resorting to harsh chemicals or arduous methods to achieve longer lasting end results. Using HSI Professional’s argan oil rich products is the best way to go since the properties in the all-natural oil helps hair to be healthier and easier to work with over time.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin A and E which boosts cell production and helps the hair to regenerate in the follicles. The fatty acids like linoleic acid and omega-6 help hair to heal from color treatments, over styling, aging, and even weather. People who have used argan oil have noticed a significant difference in their hair since it helps to make it easier to manage and to deal with frizz.

Other methods for straightening besides using a flat hair iron will give the same results, but the longer lasting effects have a higher potential for causing long-lasting damage. When a flat iron is used correctly there is a lower risk of heat damage occurring with the right products like applying a heat protectant before going through with straightening.

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