Is your Hair Ready for Winter? Find Out!

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Winter wind does a different number on your hair then the warm lackadaisical days of summer. Summer’s humidity can actually be a boon for a lot of hair types whereas winter’s cold with dry heat indoors tends to dry hair out, making it brittle and dull. From hats that mar your style to static electricity, there are many obstacles to gorgeous hair in the winter. Luckily, there are routines for your hair care that can help your hair stand up to the worst winter has to offer and still come out shining and beautiful

The Heat Oh The Heat

Heat is not your friend in the winter. Heated styling tools such as flat irons for hair straightening leach moisture from your hair, depriving untreated, unprotected hair of much-needed oils and nutrients. You need to keep as much moisture as possible in each and every strand of hair. Conditioning, especially the ends of your hair, is priceless. This is the time to break out your battalion of products. Leave in conditioners, hair masks, gel, these are just some of your friends and weapons against winter damage to your hair. Anything that adds moisture, especially using natural oils such as jojoba, almond oil, olive oil, or even argan oil, will be an excellent addition to your winter hair care routine. Make sure you use a protectant in your hair before any type of heat treatment and heated styling tools.

Wash Less Frequently

It may seem counterintuitive but the less you wash your hair, the longer your scalp has to produce its own oils to nourish your hair. Washing frequently strips your hair of natural oils and towel drying with traditional towels roughens the shafts of the hair, making it appear dull. Shampoo contains proteins to break up dirt and grime but protein also strips the hair of moisture. Even shampoos with added oils can not rebalance the equation. If you need to freshen your hair in between washings, use a dry shampoo at the roots. Use a t-shirt or special microfiber towel to dry your hair and keep it smooth. Using a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair rather than a brush is healthier for your hair.

Visit Your Stylist

Winter is an important time for you to pay attention to the frequency with which you have your hair trimmed. The stark season produces many splits and breaks in hair, thus regular trims are necessary to keep your hair looking its best. Dry, frizzy, split ends weigh down your hair making it appear lifeless. Untrimmed ends also suck up the moisture and nutrients, leaving the rest of the healthy hair lacking. Your stylist can also advise you on which tools, such as professional ceramic flat irons, are best to use for your hair.

Moisture All of the Moisture

Replenishing the moisture in your hair is going to be a constant battle for the winter months. Your tools will be all of the moisture rich, replenishing hair care products you have available. Normal shampooing and conditioner are likely not going to be enough to help your hair fight back, you might consider the use of a hair mask or a leave in conditioner. Both methods utilize rich, heavy, ingredients to help your hair repair some of the damage of heat and styling. Depending on your hair type, your lifestyle, and your preferences, either product would be an excellent addition to your arsenal of hair care.

Fight Back Daily

The dark days of winter do not have to be lackluster days for your hairstyle. You do not have to spend all of the cold months of the year hiding under a hat. With a few simple steps, you will be on your way to fabulous hair. Limiting your exposure to drying heat, bumping up your moisture regimen, and slowing down on your hair washing, all come together to make your hair the envy of all who see you!


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