Make the Most of Bad Curls with HSI Professional Hair Products

by HSI Professional | Feb 13 2017

Bad curls can make even the most promising day turn into a bust. Don’t let bad curls burst a good bubble or rule your day. HSI is here to help make the most of a seemingly bad curly hair day. A woman does not need to be an HSI professional to follow these tips and tricks that we love.


Healthy hair is essential for achieving curls that look and feel good. Using HSI argan oil shampoo and argan oil conditioner gives hair a fighting chance to master a beautiful curl. This antioxidant rich shampoo and conditioner lathers hair in vitamins necessary to achieve shiny, soft, and frizz free hair.

The oil is lightweight and works for all hair types including those that are color treated. Whether hair is naturally wavy or curly or has been styled using a heated tool, give curls a chance to be great by treating dehydrated locks with some moisture. If there is time in the morning, hop in the shower and wash and condition hair for best results.

Make the Most of Bad Curls with HSI Professional Hair Products

Leave-in Treatment

Sometimes all locks need is an extra boost of moisture. The HSI argan oil leave-in treatment provides a lightweight, but highly effective dose of moisture. If you are struggling with bad curls try taming them with a leave-in treatment. Safe for color treated hair and lightweight this serum can be used to de-tangle locks, boost shine, condition tresses, and leave hair more nourished.

The HSI professional lightweight product works by utilizing the antioxidant and vitamin rich properties of natural argan oil. Just a dime size pump into the palm, rub hands together, and run product through hair working front to back. Reshape curls by twisting pieces of hair around the index finger to achieve better shape. The serum will help de-frizz locks and reshaping curls by hand is an easy way to transform bad curls into great ones.

Curling Wand

Sometimes the best way to turn a bad curl into a great one is by curling hair with a hot tool. Do not worry about having to curl entire head; by focusing on select pieces all over, a bad curl can be fixed in a flash. Choose a curling wand like the HSI professional product the Groover. Using a curling wand is an easy way to achieve natural looking waves and curls even if your hair is naturally straight.

Hold the wand so that the thinnest end is pointing toward the ground and wrap 1in or ½ inch sections of hair around the barrel. Always curl hair so that the curl is twisted away from your face. A bad curl could just be a curl going in the wrong direction. Once select pieces have been curled make sure to run a shine serum like the HSI argan oil leave-in treatment for shiny and frizz free curls.

HSI Professional Hair Products

Brush it out

The definition of a bad curl varies from woman to woman. Some women like the tight curls that are synonymous with youthfulness, while others like the look of big waves that scream Old Hollywood glamor. If the look was supposed to be more Grace Kelly and less Shirley Temple then this is how to make the most of “bad” curls.

The HSI professional paddle hairbrush with rubber handle is a tool for a quick fix. Run the wide paddle brush through curls and watch hair go from Shirley to Miss Kelly instantly. The HSI natural ion brush will smooth and straightens hair with ease. Sometimes the only thing needed to make the most out of a bad curl is a good brush.

Wrap it up

If there is no time to address certain pieces of hair that seem to want to live a life of their own, tie it back. For a sweet and delicate look, tie hair back so that it is resting at the nape of the neck. Use a hair tie that is a similar color to hair’s natural color or pull out a ½ inch section of hair and wrap around the hair tie and secure with a pin. Just because hair is in a ponytail does not mean frizz no longer exists. Tame fly-aways with the HSI professional argan oil leave-in treatment.

For a fierce or sporty look, tie hair into a ponytail so that it rests near the crown. Secure with a tie that is similar to hair color or take a ½ inch section and wrap section around hair tie. Skip the teasing comb and use a flat, wide paddle brush to straighten out curls into waves. Smooth hairs with a leave-in treatment that will give hair shine, make it soft to the touch, and will tame frizz. Using a leave-in treatment will help manage hair shape and avoid looking too wild.



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