Pony Tail vs. Bun – When Using Argan Hair Care, Which One Suits you Better?

Haircuts and styling decisions can be a big deal for most women.  The length of the cut and the style of the doo can be a risky, but rewarding endeavor. What if it is too long, too short, too straight, too curly, too poufy, or too thin?  Does it suit their specific body type or face shape?  Does it soften their facial features or sharpen them? A local hairdresser explained that no one’s face (or body) is perfectly symmetrical.  If you would be sliced straight down the middle of your body, each side would look slightly different. 

The right eye may be a tad bigger than the left eye, or the corner of the mouth might sag a little more than the other side.  If we were all exactly the same on both sides of our bodies, our whole appearance would be different.  She went on to point out that since our bodies are not identical on both sides, people generally have a “happy side” and an “unhappy side.”

She took a piece of paper and covered her right side, “See how my lip naturally droops and my eye is smaller on this side?”  She moved the sheet of paper to conceal her left side.  “And here, my lip curls up and my eye is bigger – this is my ‘happy side.’” Good hairstylists know this trick and they style their clients’ hair to cover whichever side of the face they think needs to be manipulated. 

She parted her hair to the side and put bangs over her happy side to make her bigger eye appear smaller.  Acting as an optional illusion, the bangs helped to make her long face look more round and her big eye seem smaller in comparison to the other eye. And, no matter the style or texture, argan hair care works for it all.

Argan Hair Care

How does professional hair oil help?

Our argan oil hair products are wonderful for all types of hair.  A product of the moroccan tree, argan oil is helpful for stimulating hair growth, moisturizing, and revitalizing damaged hair.  The moroccan oil leave in treatment will give you healthy, long-lasting hair – not to mention giving it a nice, silky look and feel.

What length should you go with?

As 2017 gets underway, long highlighted hair with beach waves seems to be an avid favorite.  Some women go for pixie cuts while others enjoy the shoulder-length feel.  As a general rule of thumb, skinny girls look better with short hair than heavier girls do. For women with square face-shapes, short hair really makes jaw lines appear more pronounced – if your jawline is already quite defined, perhaps choosing a shoulder-length style would be better suited for your features than a bob or pixie. 

Adding layer to your shoulder-length hair will also help to blend the sharp facial features. Longer faces look better with longer hair, and bangs.  With longer, oval-shaped faces, the length is primarily in the forehead.  Bangs can be great at disguising the length of one’s face. Short hair often looks cute on girls with round faces. In-the-middle, or average face-shapes tend to pull of anything.

So…ponytail or bun?

Argan Hair Care

Did you know that there are over 250 different hairstyles for ponytails alone?  Crazy, right!  From messy ponytails to braided ponytails, to ponytails to the side or ponytails for African-American women, the options are virtually endless.  Once used only for the gym or during yard work, ponytails now have actually become quite popular – and versatile. Ponytails are not just seen on the track or the treadmill, but will actually make an appearance at the prom or a business meeting. 

The key is to make them look classy – add a braids, sweep it to the side, curls the ends, or tease the crown of your head before tying it up.  Adding a headband or clip can be an elaborate touch, too. The length and texture of your hair will also make a difference in which style you choose.  But using argan oil products for hair will give those locks a shine despite the hair being up or down. Sometimes, thinner, shorter hair can make for a pathetic-looking bun because it is not thick enough or full enough to give it a complete look. 

If curled or teased, thinner and shorter hair can make a pretty ponytail.  Those with thick hair can pull off just about anything.  A thick ponytail or full bun would both look sexy. It also depends on what look you are going for as well.  If you are striving for the strong, in-charge woman appearance, then the bun will do the job.  But if you are going for the sexy, feminine look, a soft ponytail will do nicely.


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