Question of the Day: Is Argan Oil Good for your Skin?

You hear a lot of praise about argan oil, no doubt, but is it good for your skin? The argan fruit contains a nut, which has been pressed, and its oil extracted to give us this amazing miracle substance, and it is so often used for hair that we forget about its other uses. So let’s conquer that one, all important question right now: could it be used to nourish your skin as well as your hair? The answer is yes, and argan oil for skin is just as potent and effective as argan oil for hair.

Argan Oil Good for your Skin

Beyond Argan Oil for Hair – Using it For Your Skin

The great thing about using argan oil on your skin is that it doesn’t leave behind an oily residue like many other products. Actually, you only need to apply a single drop and it will get outstanding coverage. If you’re in dryer climates, however, you might need to consider using two or three drops to get the full coverage and the ultimate hydrating effect. As you can see, it works great on skin, but to what extent? How far can you go with it? The answer might actually surprise you.

Using it As a Skin Toner

Skin toning is a very important part of your routine, but you’re only going to need 2-4 drops of toner for the full effect. All you need to do is choose your favorite toner and get to work – it’s an effect like no other, and a great way to keep your skin in shape for the foreseeable future.

Use it as an Exfoliator

Argan oil can be an outstanding exfoliator and a perfect method for removing dead skin. It is critical to make sure that you’re using a chemical-free product, or at least one that will get the job done without being too abrasive.

Get Rid of Acne

That’s right, if you suffer from acne, you can in fact trust argan oil to get rid of it for you. The oil has been shown to reduce sebum oils in those who have oily skin, making it a perfect solution. Keep in mind that even if you have never suffered from acne before in your life, there are many women who find themselves developing it in their thirties and forties. It can be embarrassing, but it can also be dealt with using argan oil.

Fixing Stretch Marks

We just want to say, definitively that there are nothing wrong with stretch marks, but if you desire to get rid of yours, then we certainly can’t blame you. One of the greatest benefits of argan oil is that it can actually improve the elasticity of the skin – you just need a few drops! Inside argan oil, you have both Vitamin E and A which are capable of moisturizing and rejuvenating.

Fixing Razor Burns


Razors are a hazard in the bathroom, but as it turns out, you can fix that! Argan oil can help to correct those burns and bumps which not only look bad, but feel bad. There’s nothing worse than trying to get ready for bikini season, only to find that you completely destroy your leg using a razor. You have to shave eventually, so be ready with argan oil.

For the Whole Body

As professional hair oil, argan oil really does the trick, but what many people fail to realize is that it can be used easily as a whole-body moisturizer. Once again, all you need are a few drops, and you’ll be on your way to having smoother, more radiant skin. When it comes to your skin, there is no measure that goes too far; argan oil does an outstanding job of taking care of your body whether you are using it in your hair or going so far as to use it for your hair. There are plenty of other great uses for it, and it won’t be too long before you find yourself taking full advantage of this amazing product.


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