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Safety Tips for Using a Flat Iron at your Chair

by HSI Professional | Jan 25 2017

Flat irons for straightening hair have come a long way since the days when women used clothes irons to straighten their hair (yes, they did)! Commercial flat irons became available in hair salons only in the early 1990s. Since that time, these hairstyling tools have become wildly popular with women of all ages and of all hair types.

At the present time, we have many different types of flat irons that use materials such as ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline to style hair easily and provide long-lasting results. With digital LCD displays, instant heat up, floating plates, swivel cords, dual voltage, and more, the features of flat irons available on the market today are indeed impressive.

There is much less need for women to go to hair salons since they can use flat irons at home to style their hair. But while the availability of hair straighteners has increased exponentially, and the prices have decreased, there have been some concerns about using them safely. Since flat irons can be used in homes and in professional salons, it is necessary to use them in a safe manner.

We need to remember that these hairstyling tools can get quite hot and cause damage not just to your hair, but can cause skin burns, as well as damage to things around. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using a flat iron at your chair.

Flat Iron

Tip 1: Buy a good quality flat iron. If you invest in a good product that has been manufactured by keeping safety in mind, you are likely to have less safety issues with it. A poor quality flat iron can have electrical issues, and subpar materials used in manufacturing it can break down quickly so you do not get long-term use out of your flat iron. As a great safety feature, the Glider Elite Professional Flat Iron by HSI Professional, for example, has a blue light that stays on after the flat iron is turned off, and works as a reminder that you need to unplug it.

Tip 2: Use the lowest heat setting needed. While flat irons can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit or more, you may not need the highest temperature setting to style your hair. Not only can high heat damage/burn your hair, a hot flat iron is more likely to cause burns to your skin or articles around if kept on any non-heat resistant surface. So if you are in the habit of keeping your hot  flat iron on any surface, think about getting one with automatic shut off like the HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. Safety of our consumers matters most to us at HSI Professional, and the automatic shut off is one of the features that we have included for this reason.

Tip 3: Use a mat. While you are in the process of straightening your hair, make sure to place your hair straightener on a heat resistant mat or on a clean countertop from which loose items have been removed and will not touch the hot flat iron. Always avoid putting your flat iron on surfaces such as carpets which can melt or easily catch fire.

Tip 4: Always unplug your flat iron after using. Even if you have turned off your flat iron after using, it is still important to unplug it. Any unplugged tool or appliance is still “live” electrically if it is not unplugged. To avoid mishaps due to any electrical problems, it is best to unplug the flat iron and ensure safety.

Tip 5: Always keep your iron dry. Using your hair straightener next to wateris a bad idea. Never use your flat iron in/near a bathtub full of water, or near a sink with water. Not only can your flat iron get damaged due to water, you run a high risk of electric shock.

Tip 6: Find ample space to use your flat iron. If you have a countertop or dresser that is overcrowded with stuff, think about removing some items to make space for using your flat iron. Also if you have a big chair or bulky furniture that is difficult to get around while using your flat iron, think about replacing it with sleeker items, or use your flat iron somewhere else. HSI Professional’s 2” Infrared Flat Iron comes with a 360 degree anti-tangle swivel cord that makes it easier to style your hair without the cord getting entangled around you or your chair.

Following these safety tips is important to have a great experience with your flat iron. Selecting a top quality flat iron such as one of our HSI Professional flat irons, and using it in a safe manner will give you years of well-styled hair.


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