Shampoo vs. Conditioner and Why you Need to Use Both

As you browse through the HSI inventory you’ll come across both shampoos and conditioners, both of which are Argan oil based, and if you’re not terribly well versed in the use of either of these, then you might be among those who think that shampoo is literally the only thing you need for hair washing. This, however, is far from the truth. Hair health does, in fact, require the use of both shampoo and conditioner.

With that being the case, you probably want to know why you need both. The reasons are never made terribly obvious, even when you’re at the store, so we’re going to go in depth and talk about these differences, just to make sure you know the importance of having both in your bathroom at all times.

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HSI Professional Products Overview: Shampoo vs. Conditioner

We’re going to start this blog by talking about shampoo, so get ready!


Shampoo is more of a detergent than anything else. It features both detergents and surfactants, a chemical that suds and grabs onto both dirt and oil in the hair, and on the scalp. Moving from one end of the hair to other, it dissolves into the water at the opposite end. Essentially, the shampoo cleans the hair by grabbing the oil, dirt, and debris that is embedded in it, and then it washes out with water. Scientifically, shampoo will raise your cuticles slightly, meaning your hair will feel drier once you step out of the shower – at least if you fail to use conditioner.

That said, people who have shorter hair might actually get away with using only shampoo, especially if they don’t’ need to do any sort of styling. This, is great, though you have to understand that it does nothing in the way of making sure that the hair is properly prepared or conditioned. This is where a good conditioner comes into play.


In the case of conditioner, you have a substance that contains emollients, for example, Cetearyl alcohol. This is a chemical class that is designed to reduce evaporation on the skin and hair, causing it to feel moist. Emollients attract water to the skin and reduce water loss through the creation of the film on said skin.

They may also restore deficient materials. For example, the restoration of vitamins and minerals that were lost in the process of shampooing and conditioning. This will serve to ensure that your hair is silky, smooth, and protected.

Use the Right Conditioner

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When it comes to using hair products, you need to make sure that you are not using anything that might be considered deficient. If you’re shopping for conditioner, you will want to avoid using basic drugstore products for the simple reason that these products do not contain all of the necessary ingredients. They may even contain weaker ingredients.

For example, you will find a lot of drug store products, conditioner, in particular, that may claim to contain Argan oil. Unfortunately, while they might, in fact, contain this element, they often do not have a sufficient amount to cause any sort of difference in your hair. That said, you’re going to want to spend a few extra dollars on HSI Professional products rather than going the cheap route.

Check out HSI’s Selection

HSI is definitely not deficient when it comes to product selection, and one of our most popular products, of course, is the care box which gives you shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, and several other great products that will keep your hair in prime condition for the duration of your day. It’s costly, but it works well!

Proper hair care doesn’t have to be a pipe dream – start taking a look at HSI Professional products and get your hair into shape. Don’t rely on cheaper products, and most importantly, don’t forego the use of conditioner!

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