Six Hairstyles for Short Hair

by HSI Professional | May 23 2017

Short hair and styling has always been met with challenges, and you probably know this better than anyone if you have that perpetually short hair. Maybe it won’t grow, or maybe you simply want to keep it shoulder length. Either way, it seems like all of the cool hairstyles out there are for those with longer hair, and it’s just not fair! Today, however, we’re changing that by introducing six styles that work great with shorter hair, and are a perfect addition to your styling arsenal, whether you’re using a professional curling wand, or going more natural.

professional curling wand

Beach Hair Low Bun

If you’re looking for a great beach style there’s no one that can argue with this one, period. You will start by parting your hair as normal, and we recommend parting it all the way to the side. You’ll leave your bangs out for this one, and proceed to the next step. For the next step, you put your hair up, as per the video, and you will then put the end into a loose bun. Curl your bangs, and pull a bit of hair out for that beachy look. Don’t worry; it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds – just watch the video!

Faux Bangs and Top Knot

I really like the idea of having bangs; they’re adorable and they really help to accomplish that ‘cutesy’ look that I sometimes absolutely crave (it looks great in the summertime), but I also like having that bang-free look. Why lock your hair into a single style anyway? Well, here’s a look that gives you the best of both worlds: you can get the look of bags without the horrendous commitment. The first thing you’ll want to do is take the top of your hair and put it in a bun while putting the end pieces of your hair over your forehead – there, you have your bangs! Once you’ve done that, add a headband (any headband you like) and pin it to your hair using bobby pins. To keep it from moving out of place, use hairspray.

Space Buns

I always liked the Princess Leia look, and while this doesn’t copy it exactly, it’s pretty close. So you’re going to start by parting your hair down the middle, add this time we do mean dead center. In a proceeding, you’ll hold down one side with elastic bands, and if you have thinner hair, you’ll probably want to go with smaller bands. They tend to get a better grip and hold much more tension. As per the video, you will tie the hair in, loop it around, and put it in the center of your head. Do the same thing with the other side, then proceed to straighten out your hair.

Pull-Through Braid

The pull through braid isn’t one of the easiest ones on this list but it does look great if you can get it done properly, so we’ll start by taking the top layer of hair from the front of your head and tying it off as per the video. You will so the same with the section underneath, and then, you will split the first section so that you can pull the second section through (it makes more sense on the video). Once it’s pulled through, go ahead and pin it up using a bobby pin. At this point you’re left with two sections, so split the first section half, then pull it through, and pin it up. Wrap the hair from both sides, add to sections, and tie it off. Finally, continue all the way down to the bottom of the royur head, and mid-way, tie it in a messy bun. For more details, make sure you watch the video!

Half up Waterfall

To get the half-up waterfall done, proceed to section off the sides of your hair, and braid the front section through the side sections. Braid in the back, and tie the braid off with a band. Section the sides of your hair off, braid front section of hair through the side sections, braid in back tie off end of back braid with rubber band.

Bubble Ponytail

Before you start this one, you’re going to want to brush your hair out for the purpose of getting rid of any bumps. Once it’s all straightened out, you want to create your first section right before the crown, and then, take your hair besides the temples up, and tie it off with an elastic band. Once again, if you have thin hair, you will want to use smaller elastic bands to get a better grip. After you have secured the elastic, proceed to wrap a bit of hair around it, and then start sectioning off your hair. Wrap hair around each section and make sure that you’re grabbing equal sizes. Some of these hairstyles can definitely be enhanced with curling wand sets, so make sure you take a look at what our inventory and see what we have in store for both you and your hair.



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