Six Things you Should Know Before you Use a Hair Straightener

One of the biggest problems with hair straighteners, at least in our opinion, is that they’re touted as miracle cures for uncooperative or curly hair. If you’re looking to make your curly hair straight and you simply start using the straightener you’re probably going to be sorely disappointed when your hair turns into more of a mess than it already was. There are several steps you need to take before you can effectively use one, but they’re not terrible difficult. Let’s take a look at six things that you absolutely need to know before you start using your hair straightener.

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Take a Shower Before you Use your Hair Straightener

A huge mistake that so many people make is not showering before they start their hair straightening ritual. When you’re showering, we strongly recommend that you use smoothing products to prepare your hair. For example, have you seen our Argan oil conditioner? It adds moisture to your hair so it’ll be more ready to receive the heat. Now, when you get out of the shower, don’t towel dry your hair because this will actually enhance the natural curl and make the straightening process even more irritating. Instead, pat gently and make sure your hair can handle the heat.

Don’t Let it Sizzle

If you hear sizzling when you use flat irons for hair then you’ve made a mistake and you need to stop. While locked-in moisture is helpful for flat ironing, you don’t want anything sitting on the surface of your hair because the professional ceramic flat iron is going to clamp down on it and essentially boil it right into your hair. If you’re certain that your hair was dry when you started, then it could be product buildup, which is an even bigger issue, especially if you were using something with an alcohol base.

Keep it Protected

In the previous paragraph we did mention that you don’t want your hair to sizzle, but you DO want to make sure that you have some kind of product helping you out. A head protectant, like the one from our shop can give you the leg up you need and even reduce the frizz. Protecting your hair is vital when you are straightening, so keep that in mind, and use the right products.

Hair Straightener

Keep the Temperature Low

Okay, something you need to know right now is that the 450 degree setting you see in hair straighteners today was not originally designed for in-home use. It was actually made for professionals who were using professional keratin treatments, but the setting has been added to many consumer grade straighteners and it does speed up the process. Unfortunately, while coarse hair does call for a higher heat setting, finer hair can be significantly damaged if you crank it up. Ideally, you should stay between 300 to 350 degrees unless you speak to a hair stylist and they tell you otherwise.

Section it Off

People like to say that straightening takes way too long, and it’s true, sometimes it does, but that’s only because you’re doing it wrong. People end up grabbing random handfuls and try to straighten it, and white frankly, that just isn’t going to work. You need to split the hair off into sections using clips. For example, split the hair in the middle, then at the back, and move your way forward. It will save you time and it will save you energy, which is what it’s all about.

Stop Repeating Your Motions

If you’re passing over the same spot more than once, you may be doing it wrong. Honestly, repeating your motions won’t actually destroy your hair, but exposing it to that much heat isn’t really preferred either. When you’re straightening, try to keep tension on the hair that you’re straightening rather than simply rushing in and clamping – you know what we’re talking about. If you have curly hair you may actually need to go over it more than once, so do use your discretion when you are straightening.

Getting the perfect flat iron hair is a task that comes with many challenges but it is by no means impossible. Use some of the tips that we have mentioned above, and most importantly, be willing to learn as you go. Everyone tends to have different hair and what might work well for you, could be a complete failure for another person.

When in doubt, speak to your hair stylist and find out what they have to say about properly using a flat iron and achieving the perfect hair style for your particular hair type. It might be complicated at first, but it gets easier as time goes by.


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