Six Types of Ponytails you Can Wear this Summer

Welcome to summer! It’s time to do away with the winter hairdo and start enjoying the less harsh, and slightly more tolerant summer weather. You can certainly do more in the way of hairstyles and today we’re going to be discussing some of the ponytails that HSI likes to promote during this brief (three-months) period of the year. Some of these might be familiar to you, some might be entirely new! Either way, it’s time to get your hair out of that winter hood and into the sunlight, especially with all of the cute hairstyles out there that you could be using right now!

The Retro Style – An HSI Favorite

This style is great if you’re going for a pin-up look, and when you’re giving it a try, you can create more fullness by twisting the length around itself to make it shorter. This is a style that works best with longer hair, and to make it work, you’re going to spiral your hair upward in the manner of a French Twist. The ponytail will be formed from the loose ends and to keep it in place, use hair pins. This isn’t the most straightforward version of the ponytail, but it does work wonders if you’re trying to go for something a little bit different this summer.

Try the Tousled Look

HSI absolutely loves this look, and to complete it all, you need to do is gather your hair into a medium-height ponytail, and then secure with an elastic band. You will slide the elastic down the pony, then split it into two sections. Pull it apart to retighten, and then wrap a section of your hair around the ponytail base. This will cover the elastic, creating that tousled look that you’re going for.

Braid it Up

This one is pretty easy, and it simply uses a braid to play on the traditional ponytail. All you need to do is spray your hair with a dry shampoo or a leave-in treatment to ensure that it has some serious volume. Once you’ve done that, proceed to the next step: braid the ponytail. Yes, it’s that simple.

The Twist-Up

To manufacture this ponytail, you will simply need to gather all of your hair and work it into a low ponytail. You will then start to twist the hair to the right, forming a roll. Once the roll reaches the nape of your neck, stop, and then secure it with some u-shaped pins.

Hair Up – Bangs Out

Want to pull the bangs out this summer? HSI can’t blame you – and for this hairstyle, all you need to do is blow dry your hair until smooth, and then wrap the ends around a 1 ½ inch curling iron. Gather the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, and leave your bangs out. For extra effect, take two whips of hair out on either side. If you’re having trouble pulling it off, then have your hairstylist cut your hair to match your face shape.

Bump it Up

This type of hairstyle might call for a bit of help – if you don’t have thick hair, then hair extensions are probably in order. You will start with unwashed hair, and once it has been blow-dried smooth, you will take the top section of hair, from the temple, all the way to the other temple, and clip. Take the rest of your hair and put it in a medium-high ponytail, secured with an elastic band. You will then unclip the top section, use a volumizing spray, and then secure it to the top of the ponytail with more elastic.

See how easy that is? HSI professional can go a long way toward helping you to achieve these hairstyles, and it won’t be too long before you’re absolutely rocking them! Get your hair the way you want it this summer – you’re not going to regret trying a new ponytail or too, we guarantee it.

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