Start the New Year with a New Professional Curling Iron

New years are perfect for starting fresh, for learning new things, for setting goals and working towards a better “you”. In what ways do you wish to grow this year? Many women want to start being more intentional with their appearance in the New Year; they want to be – to feel – beautiful. That busy toddler mom who has spent years with her hair up and dried baby food on her t-shirt is wanting to let her hair down, but she's forgotten how.

The successful career girl is bored with her same old hairstyle and is wanting to find a beauty routine that fits right into her morning routine. The lady who's never really cared about her appearance before has decided it's time to turn some heads. All of these women need just one item to make their dreams and goals come true this year: a New Professional HSI Curling Iron.

HSI Professional's Curling Wands

Every woman would love to walk out of the house on a daily basis looking like a professional styled their hair. Many women have figured out that, with the right equipment, this ideal is not out of reach this year. Step number one to having beautifully curled hair on a daily basis? Buy a high quality curling iron. HSI Professional has just what you need in the way of a good professional curling irons. Our professional wand curling irons – Groover Kit is a 4 piece ceramic curling wand with digital LCD, and is a best seller among our wands.

The Groover Tapered Curling Wand and Groover Curling Wand are 1 inch ceramic curling wands with digital LCD, are more moderately priced, and are easy to use. All of our curling wands feature HeatBalance technology, ceramic tourmaline-infused barrels, digital temperature control, and an auto-shutoff safety mode. The Groover wands will give you big, bouncy curls with volume while maintaining the health of your hair with its top notch technology. Our wands are good enough for a seasoned professional, so you can be sure that they'll get the job done right.

Professional Curling Iron

Don't Miss Out on Products That Will Help

If you're going to step up your game with high heat hair styling equipment this year, you'll want to (and need to) step up your game in terms of hair products. There are a number of hair products you'll need use in tandem with a heated styling tool if you want your styling efforts to be safe, healthy and successful!

At HSI Professional, we provide Argan oil products to help you make the most of your curling efforts. We provide several products that will repair and enrich dry and damaged hair as it replenishes moisture and shine and protects the hair from future frizz – something that always comes in handy with heat styling products. What kind of products do we have? If it's a product necessary for healthy hair – we supply it with our Argan Oil compound, no matter your hair type.

Argan Oil Heat Protectant is great for use before both flat iron and curling wand application; Argan Oil Hydrating Smoothing Mask is great for revitalizing dry or damaged hair after excessive heated product application; Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment is perfect for conditioning, styling and finishing your hair; and Argan Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner will moisturize dehydrated hair and remove build up as it cleans and conditions each strand before styling.

You'll find all of these products at work in our professional Hairbar in Miami, where we can work with your hair to provide the style you desire and educate you on our process and the products we use while we do it.

A Hair Bar?

professional Hairbar in Miami

That's right – you read correctly: HSI Professional has a professional Hairbar, where we can work with your hair to provide the style you desire. In doing this, you'll see our curling wands in use for yourself as you watch our professional staff work with your hair, our tools and our products.

This is beneficial for the woman who learns by watching, and who would like to see for herself what our products are capable of doing. From curly to straight, from straight to curly – we'll give you the style you want and walk you through the process, if you'd like. It's not all business, though; we feel that whenever you get your hair done, a little pampering is in order. That's why the moment you walk in the door, we greet you with a glass of wine.

Finally, any time you visit our hairbar and purchase a styling session, we'll give you points toward your purchase of any product – think of it as a rewards system for your hair, and a guilt free way to shop. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to start the year off with a bang in terms of beauty and your physical appearance.

With a great tool like the HSI Professional curling wand, with our Argan oil beauty products, and with some instruction from seasoned professionals at our Miami based Hairbar, you'll be sure to love the way you look.  

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