Stop Knots at the Back of your Neck

by HSI Professional | Jul 12 2017

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Even when you’re using some of the best HSI products, there is a chance that you’ll have to worry about knotted hair, especially in the back of your head. Long hair will knot throughout the course of the day, there is just no way around that, and there could be several different reasons. For one, it could be the dryness and friction against your clothing. Then again, it could be the wind, or the nature of your hair. No matter what the reason, you need to get it under control by preparing it in the morning with the right products and the right techniques.

Getting your Hair Ready in the Morning with HSI Products

Shampoo your Scalp

The first thing you need to do is shampoos your scalp in the morning and when you do so, you should focus on your scalp. Remember, shampoo can unfortunately strip the hair of its natural oils, so make sure you’re not running it throughout the entirety of your hair. Yes, we know, it’s tempting. As you wash your scalp the shampoo will run down the strands and wash the rest, without your rubbing it in, so keep that in mind. When you use HSI’s shampoo, you will rid yourself of the problems that typically come with other, cheaper shampoos while taking advantage of Argan oil, a natural substance that promotes glossy, healthy hair.

Use Conditioner

We can’t say it enough: make sure you’re properly conditioning your hair using a deep or moisturizing product. For the best possible results, make sure you check out the HSI store and find our high end conditioner which, like the shampoo, features Argan oil. Conditioner does a great job of coating your hair and preventing the formation of knots throughout the day.

Cold Water Rinse

Now we have something that you don’t want to hear: rinse your hair with cold water. Yes, it will be uncomfortable, but it will also seal off the hair follicles and lock in moisture.

Dry your Hair

You need to dry your hair properly after you finish washing it, and we strongly recommend that you use paper towels rather than a bath towel. If you have read any of our other blogs, then you know that bath towels are far too abrasive and they can cause your follicles to stand up. This ultimately leads to dryness and damage, so cut it out by either patting dry with paper towels or using an old t-shirt.

Leave in Conditioners are Key

One of our most popular products, and with good reason, is the leave-in conditioner that is perfect for any hair type. We use Argan oil, as with all of the other HSI products to give your hair the treatment that it deserves. When you are treating your hair with Argan oil, make sure that you focus on the problem areas to get the best results.

Seal it in with Hair Oil

Hair oil is a great way to add moisture to your hair and it will help you to remain tangle free for the entire day. There are various types of hair oil, for example, Argan oil, which, as you know, we highly recommend.

Use Hairspray

No matter what you’ve heard about hairspray, there are different types out there that you can use to get the effect you want. Flexible Hairspray, for example, will keep the knots out of your hair without stiffening it up, and that’s a great improvement over the norm.



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