Straightening Brush vs. Flat Iron: We Think you’ll be Hooked

by HSI Professional | Mar 27 2017

Straight irons are handy and will do the job for women with naturally straight or thin hair…however, if your hair has a mind of its own and cannot be maintained, you are in for a difficult time of it.  For women with this particular struggle, straight irons pose a challenging situation.  The unruly hair must be brushed out, tangle-free enough to run a flat iron through it.  It’s incredibly time-consuming as you have to go over 1-inch portions of hair…often, more than once. 

Usually, it is just not worth the time and energy. Well, have you ever considered the fact that there is an easier way to straighten your hair?  If you have not, then you probably haven’t tried the straightening brush yet.  This new hair tool is a hair brush, metal hair straightener combination.  It is a highly evolved hair straightener and it is easier to use than the typical ceramic or metal iron straighteners.

Why pick the straightening brush over the flat iron?

With flat irons, it is slow going, but with a heated brush, it cannot get any easier.  It’s straightening your hair while brushing it!  Why not save time and do both at once?  The two-in-one Glider Heated Straightening Brush is a new invention that features an ionic ceramic tourmaline-infused hot plate.  This hot plate uses 4 HeatBalance® microsensors and infrared technology to regulate the temperature and distribute the heat evenly throughout so that fewer passes are needed through your hair.  The fewer the strokes the better for maintaining healthy, moisturized tresses. When it comes to curly hair, the flat iron usually requires more passes, drying out the hair as it goes. 

With the brush, the lower heat and less passes are the best way to get frizz-free silky locks that shine while protecting your hair cuticles from overheat exposure.  You no longer have to waste time waiting for the straightener to heat up because the plate warms up within seconds.  Adjusting the temperature setting on the digital display on the brush’s handle is super quick and easy.  The heat options can be adjusted between the range of 350-450°F to accommodate your specific hair type and texture.

straightening heated brush

The straightening brush has rave reviews, a 1-year warranty, and comes with free argan oil!

The customer reviews show a 5-star rating!  Our customers say that the straightening brush is “every girl’s dream!”  What took Sabrina about an hour before (with a typical flat iron), now takes her only 20 minutes with the brush.  Livi says that it glides so easily on her dense, curly, African-American hair and that the good price helped her make her final decision to purchase. Along with a 1-year warranty, you will get a free bottle of argan oil hair treatment with your purchase.

Straightening advice

The straightening brush is similar to other straighteners except for the fact that you do not have to clamp a piece of hair between the plates.  Gather a moderate amount of hair and drag the brush slowly down the hair, straightening it as you go.  Because you are using a brushing motion instead of the ceramic plates, keep the brush going in a straight line on your selected strands so you do not pick up stragglers and make it a frizzy mess.

Just as with any other straightener, be sure that the brush’s heat is not too high.  250 degrees is about right for thin hair as it should straighten it without overheating it.  350-450 degrees will usually straighten thick hair.

It is a good idea to brush your hair with an actual brush or comb before using the straightening heated brush so that you do not fry the knots into your beautiful tresses, causing slip ends. Remember to never straighten hair while it is still wet from a shower.  It could virtually boil the hair and cause excessive damage to it.  Always be sure that your hair is completely dry before straightening it. Begin at the roots and brush the hair slowly downwards towards the ends of the hair.  The heat should only have contact with the hair for about 8-10 seconds – slow and steady is the name of the game.  If the heat has

Begin at the roots and brush the hair slowly downwards towards the ends of the hair.  The heat should only have contact with the hair for about 8-10 seconds – slow and steady is the name of the game.  If the heat has contact for too much longer, it could melt the hair or burn it off.

Check out the brush’s automatic shut-off feature

Exactly like the traditional ceramic hair straighteners, the heated straightening brush has a handy automatic shut-off feature.  This means that the straightener will never get too hot to catch anything on fire.  Designed to shut off when it reaches a certain temperature, the straightening brush has a built-in safety system to keep you and your environment safe.  Even if it is left on and unattended, it will eventually turn itself off.



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