The Best Celebrity Hairstyle Changes of 2016

Like it or not, celebrities are trend setters. Very rarely do we see them doing what everyone else is doing, that is, until everyone else is doing what they did. When it comes to hair trends, this can be incredibly daunting for the every day woman who's just struggling to keep up. The good news? There are incredibly trustworthy resources out there that will not only provide you want you need to do your hair the way you want to, they'll also provide you the means and instruction on how to do it.

At HSI Professional, we provide high quality salon styling products to consumers all over the world. Our product line is growing by the day, as is our loyal customer base. Our products are among the best in the industry, we ship with lightening speed, and our customer service is top of the line. What's more? We provide a huge range of resources on our web site that come in handy for the DIY woman who wants to get a grip on the latest celebrity hair trends.

The HSI Professional Web Site

HSI Professional

On our web site at HSI Professional, users can Shop by Concern – Dry/Damaged Hair, Thick Hair, and Frizzy Hair; Shop by Result – Straight Hair, Curly Hair; and read the latest and greatest in tutorials and blog posts all about healthy hair care. There's good information in those tutorials on how to make great use of that curling iron without dedicating hours and hours to the task, just like celebrities do it.

Navigating through our web site, you'll find an overview of all of our products and tutorials on how to use them. FAQ pages address common issues, questions and concerns that users face, and customer service representatives are always on call via phone or Live chat to help. Simply stated: our web site is your one stop shop to navigating those ever-changing celebrity hair trends and applying them to your own life.

What Kind of Trends?

Hair trends come in a number of forms: trends in color, cut and style all run the gamut in Hollywood. Celebrities go from one extreme to another (think: Kristen Wiig chopping those long locks for a delicately feminine boy cut), and that can be hard to keep up with. For most of us living everyday lives, we just want to keep up with the styles that change – trends that are doable but not so extreme that they turn life completely upside down.

Take Katie Holmes, for example: one minute her hair is full of these natural looking beach-y waves, and the next it's a refined stick-straight sculpted masterpiece. Or, how about Jessica Chastain? From sleek, straight and sexy to big bouncy (yet still quite casual) curls... their hair seems to morph in form so easily, but how?

For Starters...

You can rest assured that celebrities style their hair with top shelf equipment. High quality curling wands and flat irons are a must in terms of getting a great styling job done. Guess what? You have access to the very tools that these celebrities use. HSI Professional produces the best in  professional curling irons. Our professional wand curling irons – Groover Kit is a 4 piece ceramic curling wand with digital LCD, and is a best seller among our wands.

The Groover Tapered Curling Wand and Groover Curling Wand are 1 inch ceramic curling wands with digital LCD, are more moderately priced, and are easy to use. All of our curling wands feature HeatBalance technology, ceramic tourmaline-infused barrels, digital temperature control, and an auto-shutoff safety mode.

The Groover wands will give you big, bouncy curls with volume while maintaining the health of your hair with its top notch technology. Our wands are good enough for celebrities, so you can be sure that they'll get the job done right, and that you won't miss a strand when you curl.

Never Overlook the Importance of Products

professional wand curling irons

Finally, don't ever overlook the importance of styling products that will serve to aid in your styling efforts and protect your hair from damage. Celebrities wouldn't set the trends they do if their hair looked halfway done, damaged, or unhealthy, and quality styling products are a huge part of their success.

HSI Professional provides Argan oil products to help you make the most of your curling and styling efforts. We provide several products that will repair and enrich dry and damaged hair as it replenishes moisture and shine and protects the hair from future frizz – a vital step to ensure a thorough job well done. If it's a product necessary for healthy hair – you can be sure that we supply it with our Argan Oil compound, no matter your hair type.

Argan Oil Heat Protectant is great for use before both flat iron and curling wand application; Argan Oil Hydrating Smoothing Mask is great for revitalizing dry or damaged hair after excessive heated product application; Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment is perfect for conditioning, styling and finishing your hair; and Argan Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner will moisturize dehydrated hair and remove build up as it cleans and conditions each strand before styling.

Needless to say – in order to safely and healthily make straight hair curly, and curly hair straight – Argan Oil is a must. So – do it! Keep up with celebrity hair trends that are completely doable with high quality products from HSI Professional!


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