The Best Styles For Short Natural Hair

Growing out your natural hair is a lengthy and tedious process, especially in the beginning. Trying to find the perfect natural hairstyles for short hair can be challenging as shorter hair can be more difficult to style. The lack of length can lead to lack of style options, and this can be very frustrating.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Short or not, your natural hair is something to be proud of and the key is finding the right hairstyles and hair care products that work for you. There are a lot of options out there that are easy to do yourself, or can be done in a quick trip to the salon. From twists and puffs to mohawks and finger curls, there is a natural short hairstyle out there that is the perfect fit for you.

There are also come cute and simple natural hairstyles for short natural hair involving the use of a headwrap, headscarf, bandana, headband, etc. On the days you don’t want to show off your short natural locks, these accessories can be great! Not only do they look fabulous, but they protect your natural hair as well.

Here are our favorite natural hairstyles for short hair that you can try this summer:

The Natural Mohawk (Frohawk)

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The natural mohawk aka fro-hawk is a girl’s favorite way to add a new dimension to their look. Despite its rocker-chick association, a natural mohawk can be quite classy and professional. It is a great way to spruce up your short natural hair and can be done in a variety of ways. The edginess of the mohawk looks great on natural hair and is perfect for those daring enough to make the commitment. Add even more flavor to your frohawk by adding shaved or braided sides.

The Two Toned Cut

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Adding color to your short natural hair is the ultimate way to take your hairstyle to the next level. Almost any color looks great on natural hair, but using red or gold hues tend to bring new life to your overall look. Try experimenting with plums or copper reds, or play around with different shades of blonde. Reverse the ombre trend and fade upwards to leave the brighter points at the top for the best results on short hair.  

The Finger Curl

Instagram: @curlytashj

What’s great about this style is that it is super easy to maintain and can last for weeks with proper maintenance. It also looks great on any hair length, which means you can rock this style throughout your entire transition. Finally, this look is also a protective hairstyle and prevents the hair from breaking. Some hair has a ringlet natural coil or you can recreate this look with mini flexi-rods or a tightly done twist out.  

The Mini Afro

Instagram: @curlfactor

Tight curls and high shine are all you need to pull off this sassy short hairstyle. More and more women are embracing their natural hair, and the afro is always in trend. Create this style with a good moisturizing cream, wide tooth comb or pick and a carrier oil like Argan oil to give it that extra glow finish. Maintain the mini volume and avoid breakage by detangling regularly and use protective styling at night.

The Tapered Haircut

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The tapered hairstyle oozes confidence and sexiness from every angle. By tapering your curls in the back and allowing them to grow longer in the front creates a natural bang-like effect. The angles highlight your cheekbones and show off your neckline. Pair this hairstyle with bold lipstick and freshly done eyebrows and you’ve got a mysterious, daring and all natural look!

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