The Professional Hair Stylist Kit: Do You Have These Important Items?

If you are a professional stylist, then you probably have all the gear you need. But what if you are not a pro but you still want to have all the right kit for your hair? If that’s the case, then you need to make sure you have these four important items from HSI Professional!
  1. Argan oil-based hair care products. Argan oil is a lightweight, plant based oil made from the nuts of the argan tree in Morocco. For centuries in Morocco, argan oil has been used to treat and replenish hair as well as skin. Argan oil is not only full of the fatty acids oleic and linoleic acids that can help keep your hair healthy but it also contains high concentrations of vitamins A and E. Pure argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world!
At HSI, we offer a wide variety of argan oil-based hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and heat protectants. Argan oil products are gentle enough to use on your hair every single day. In addition, you’ll find that argan oil hair care products will work miracles on hair that has been damaged due to heat, colorant treatments or any other damage. And, if your hair is already healthy, you’ll find that argan oil products will make it stay that way, and may even make it shinier and healthier than it already is!
  1. The perfect hair dryer. If you want results like those from a professional stylist, then you need to make sure you have the right hair dryer. Believe it or not, not just any hair dryer from a discount store will do! At HSI Professional, we offer a complete line of Dryonizer professional blow dryers that are ionic, ceramic and have HeatBalance technology to reduce frizz and the amount of time needed to style your hair! The HeatBalance technology is a motor that produces consistent heat and air pressure that locks in precious moisture while it also breaks down water molecules 40% faster than do normal blow dryers. All of our HSI Professional blow dryers have a variety of heat settings and airflow nozzles. Plus, they are lightweight, easy to handle and extremely quiet!
  1. An HSI Professional flat iron for straightening or curling your hair. All of our HSI Professional flat irons use state of the art technology. For example, all of our flat irons use a ceramic wand or a tourmaline covered wand. Ceramic and tourmaline covered wands have been proven by many professionals to produce the best flat iron results. In addition, HSI Professional offers flat irons in a wide variety of sizes that can suit any hair type. For example, we have larger 2” flat irons that can accommodate thick, curly hair and we also have smaller 1” flat irons that can accommodate most hair types. In addition, all of our flat irons have digital LED displays that show you exactly what temperature your flat iron is at—perfect for professional styling results!
  1. Professional stylist brushes from HSI. A brush can make all the difference in your hairstyle! At HSI Professional, we offer only the best styling brushes. For example, our best selling paddle brush includes rubber handles that are easy to grip and use. And its natural ions help smooth, straighten, revitalize and protect your delicate locks. Being flat and fairly wide, our paddle brush is the perfect choice for brushing out and blow-drying large sections of hair in an easy and efficient manner. The brush might look flat, but it adds lots of volume to your hair, creating long-lasting hair styles that won’t let you go by unnoticed.

We also offer classic styling brushes, round brushes in various sizes and even a flat iron styling comb! In short, if you need to brush out or comb your hair whether you are styling it or simply stroking it, we have the right brush for you!

HSI Professional

Choose the Best With HSI Professional

If you are looking for the absolute best hair care products and tools, you can’t go wrong with HSI Professional! We pride ourselves on bringing salon quality products to individuals such as yourself at reasonable prices. In addition, we frequently offer bundles of products such as flat iron and brush combinations along with free samples of our argan oil hair care products at a hugely discounted rate!

If you care about your hair (and we know you do!) then you owe it to yourself to check out HSI Professional’s full range of products today! We can absolutely guarantee that we offer the perfect product for your hair type, whether that is straight and fine or curly and thick or anything in-between!

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