The Professional Straightener You Need in your Collection

Straightening hair comes with a lot of caveats. You want to make sure that the flat iron you are using is high quality and made of a material that works with your hair. If you have an iron that has uneven heating, this can sap the moisture out of your hair, resulting in a frizzy appearance that is far from desirable, and this can also cause a lot of damage to your hair. Using an iron that gets too hot can also create lots of heat damage. Using the wrong plate material for your hair type can result in multiple passes of the iron down your hair, leading to further damage.

Salons know a thing or two about the best flat iron for all hair types, and there’s no better place to look at what the highest quality kind of flat iron is. Professional grade hair appliances are undoubtedly the best choice.

Ceramic flat irons

The Material Is One Answer

With all of the options available in hair straighteners today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to purchase the ideal flat iron for your hair. Fortunately, one of the most important aspects of a flat iron is simple: the material of the plate. Different plate materials yield different results for different types of hair. Cheap drugstore straighteners tend to be made of cheap metals such as aluminum, which tend to be unevenly heated and full of “hot spots” and “cold spots”. This makes them undesirable for most any type of hair.

Ceramic plates are evenly heated and use a gentle far infrared heating technology to heat hair and straighten it. Ceramic flat irons also have great heat transference, so the time it takes for the heat to go from the plate itself to the hair is quick, making the passes smoother and more effective. This is good because you want the straightener to do the job in as few passes as possible to reduce the amount of heat that contacts the hair.

Titanium straighteners are the industry’s golden child, heating up fast and hot, applying heat evenly, and doing the most efficient job possible. They are lightweight and get the job done effectively. However, titanium flat irons are expensive and reach very high temperatures, so they are best left in the hands of professionals, and home users should approach them with caution.

The Flat Iron You Need

Ionic ceramic tourmaline-coated flat irons are the perfect blend of effective straightening, even heating, and moderate pricing. The 1” HSI Glider ceramic flat iron features solid ceramic plates that are coated with tourmaline for an effortless straightening experience. It's eight HeatBalance microsensors regulate the temperature to ensure that heat is evenly distributed, smoothing your hair in as few passes as possible. This results in lustrous, silky strands that shine beautifully and smoothly for fine or coarse hair.

The Glider’s ceramic plates heat up in seconds, boast superior heat retention, and prevent those hot spots to promise perfectly even heat distribution. The smooth ceramic produces a shiny and frizz-free experience.

Ionic ceramic tourmaline flat ironThe temperature adjusts between 140-450°F, putting full control in your hands and smoothing your hair no matter what type it is. The plates are floating with curved edges, giving you the ability to use the iron to curl your hair as easily as you straighten it.The swivel cord feature enables you to move freely as you style your hair without the cord getting tangled, or having to move around it. The iron’s dual voltage allows for international traveling with your flat iron, so you can have fabulous, smooth locks in Spain, France, Mexico, Australia, and anywhere in between!

The smoothness of the tourmaline-coated ceramic plates promises that your hair will not become snagged or tugged as you pull the iron through your hair. Moisture and natural oils in your hair will be retained, and as you pull the straightener down the length of your strands, the plates will seal the cuticle so that your smooth locks will maintain their shape and elegance even in the most humid weather.

The Glider package includes a storage pouch, a hair straightener glove, and a sample of Argan oil to increase the shine and moisture of your hair. Also included is an HSI 1-year Factory Warranty, guaranteeing your full satisfaction with the product. Best of all, the price is moderate for such a professional quality hair styling tool at $79.99. You can also upgrade to the 1 1/4” Glider Elite automatic shut off the flat iron for taming the most unruly of hair.


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