The Top Curling Wand Mistakes You're Already Making

We don't know anybody who doesn't love their curling wand. There's no easier way to get gorgeous, beachy curls than this must have tool. Despite this though, there's lots of mistakes that you're making when it comes to using yours. Do you find you're not getting the results you need? Then you may be making one of these top curling wand mistakes.

Why curling wands are awesome

A hair styling wand is now a staple in most stylist's arsenals, and it's not hard to see why. Unlike their cousins, the curling iron, they're not going to leave dents in your hair thanks to the clip. They're also much better for more natural looking curls, rather than big, formal style curls that you'll get with wands. If you want beautiful curls but you want to be more subtle about it, they're the way to go.

Curling Wand

The top curling wand mistakes you're making

As much as we love our curling wand sets, a lot of us don't know how to use them correctly. Here's the top mistakes that you may well be making. Correct these habits, and you'll get amazing results with your curling wand.
  • You're not using a heat protectant: As much as everyone loves a heated styling tool, we know that they do damage to our precious hair. If you're not using heat protectant, than you're probably frying it with your wand. A good heat protection product will leave a layer of silicone between your hair and the wand, protecting it from the heat.
  • You're not using a good quality professional curling wand: That drugstore curling wand may have been cheap, but you aren't getting anywhere near the best results from it. A good quality curling wand is a bit pricier, but you'll get a tool that will last for years and give you excellent results.
  • You're holding the wand on your hair for too long: How long do you hold each section of your hair on the barrel for? If it's longer than 10 seconds, you're probably barbecuing your hair. 10 seconds is all your hair should need to get the right curl. If it's not working, you may need to use smaller sections of your hair, or change the curling wand that you're using.
  • You're keeping the heat too high: The higher the heat, the better the results, right? Not so. In fact, the higher you crank the heat, the more damage you're doing to your mane! Instead, use the lowest heat setting you can while still getting an actual curl from your wand. Your hair will thank you.
  • You're using the wrong size barrel: Curling wands come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you need to be using the right one. If you're not getting the results from yours, or you're struggling to wrap your hair around the barrel, you need to change the size. A basic rule of thumb is that the shorter your hair, the smaller a barrel you will need. Remember, smaller barrels with give you tighter curls, too.
  • Your hair sections are too big: Do you find that your hair just won't curl properly? You're probably using sections of hair that are too thick. When you do this, the heat can't distribute through the hair properly. That's why it looks messy when you take it off the barrel. Instead, make smaller sections. It may take a bit longer, but the results will be a whole lot better.
  • You're not letting your curls cool: Do you let your curls drop as soon as you take them off the barrel? Then they're not going to set properly, and the curl will fall out. Instead, let them drop into your hair, or pin them up with a setting clip until they're cool. That way they'll set properly and last much longer.
  • You're not using hairspray: Hairspray has a vital part to play in curling your hair. Most people only spray it when it's done, but you need to be prepping your hair with it, too. Use a light to medium hold hairspray on your hair before you start curling it. Once you're done, finish it with your normal hairspray. It will them hold much better, having been prepped properly.

Get the most out of your hair curler wand

Once you pick up the right habits, you'll be getting the most out of your curling wand. You'll be surprised at how amazing your hair can look, once it's treated properly! Just put a little bit of time in, and you'll get hair that everyone will envy. If you want to try these tips for yourself, we have expert hair curling wands in our store. Now is the best time to pick one up and try them for yourself. You could even get one as a Christmas gift, if you feel like treating a friend!

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