The Top Five Hair Styles for 2017

It’s a new year and with it comes all new hot hairstyles. You’ll see these hairstyles popping up everywhere from on top of celebrity’s heads to the locks on the girl down the street. So what are these top ‘dos? Read on to find out what we at HSI Professional are predicting.
  1. Braids are back. Braids and pigtails in all variants are back. Simple braids that run in a straight line down your back are classic as are pigtails that are simply popped on using two rubber bands. But braids can also be as complex as you want to make them, for example, twisting around your head or being done up in an exotic pattern.
To get a low-key look, apply a thickening moose to your roots to add volume and then blow dry it out. Loosely divide your hair down the middle and fishtail each side, letting the strands stick out naturally. Tie the strands with clear elastics and loosen the braid so that it looks like you didn’t actually style it at all!
  1. High top ponytails. To create a glamorous look for your long hair, create a high-on-the-head ponytail. Spray thickening moose to the roots of your hair and brush it up toward the top back of your crown. Tie the ponytail with two clear elastics, one on top of the other to add even more volume. Flat iron the ponytail and the cover the elastics with a ribbon that matches your hair color. Finish it all up with a light misting of hair spray.
  1. Side parts. Taking on a bit of British tradition, hairstyles with parts done on the side will be seen around town. Combine a side part with slightly curly bangs and you’ll have a “lived in” look. Or simply part your hair on the side, using a flat iron to straighten it and, if needed, an accessory such as a barrette to keep it in line.
  1. Big hair. For this look, part your hair in the middle and apply a volume-boosting spray to your roots. Use a small barrel curling iron to curl your hair from mid-shaft down. Brush your hair out with your fingers and set it with a light hair spray. Voila! Big, beautiful hair!
  1. The beach. This look recreates the moment you get out of the surf at the beach and push your hair back. To get this look, wet your hair with a spray bottle from roots to ends. Apply a conditioning cream to your hair and then brush it straight back. Use a diffuser tool to lightly dry your hair and add texture. As a finishing touch, spritz on some hair shine to give it the wet hair look.

Bringing You the Best

Hair Styles

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