Three Amazing Styles you Can Achieve with a Ceramic Iron

Flat irons are a staple of nearly every woman’s beauty arsenal. Without it, you’d have a pretty hard time getting your hair to behave the way you want, and that’s just a simple fact. Generally, people use flat irons as a way to fight their curls or morning hair, and while there are a ton of steps involved in preparing your hair to receive the iron, we find it prudent to talk a bit about the different styles you can use it for.

Now wait a minute, there’s more than one style to use a hair straightener for? Yes, you heard that right, you can use a ceramic iron for many different purposes and we’re going to cover just three out of hundreds of hair styles that you COULD be using your iron ceramic implement for.

The Basic Curl with a Ceramic Iron

What we have here probably sounded like a bit of a contradiction, especially considering it’s a FLAT iron, but yes, you can achieve a basic curl with a flat iron. If you’ve ever used a curling iron then you already know that it’s never as simple as wrapping the hair around the barrel – curls can easily take on a pretty nasty appearance as opposed to those perfect, round movie star curls that you’re going for. Now, curling your hair with a flat iron IS possible, though it does take a bit of practice. Here are a few steps to get you started:
  1. Separate your curls into 1-inch clips – remember the longer your hair, the bigger the iron you are going to need. Large irons make large curls, and small irons make small curls. That’s pretty easy to remember, right?
  2. Take the first piece of hair and clamp it to the bottom, rolling upward so that your hair wraps around the iron.
  3. Twist the iron upward, so that it needs to wrap itself around to escape the iron.

If you’ve never done this before, please practice a bit with a cool iron, because it is way too easy to burn your scalp.

Amazing Styles you Can Achieve with a Ceramic Iron

Beach Waves

So you aren’t looking for a full curl, but you do want something that isn’t necessarily straight. Don’t worry, you can have the best of both worlds. What you’re going to be doing here is very much like wrapping a present and curling the end of the ribbon – so think about how you would do that. You’re going to do something very similar with your hair, but with a professional straightener rather than a pair of scissors. So, basically, follow these instructions.
  1. Use the flat iron to pull hair away from your scalp
  2. Once your reach the end, fold back, just as you would do with a ribbon
  3. Let go

Your hair should get that bouncy look that you’re going for, and it’s honestly a great style for a straightener. Give it a try – we can almost guarantee that you’re going to like it.

Crimp it Up

You’ve heard of crimping, and there is a good chance you’ve passed it up because you don’t want to look like a hairspray addict from the 80’s. We get it, but you can actually do a crimp that doesn’t make a full loop. Instead, you’re going for more of a zig zag.
  1. Place the Iron at the root of your hair
  2. Twist your Hand back and forth as you pull the iron through

This is a great look and in the end, it won’t frizz up because you’re getting the same heat distribution as you would from straightening. It takes a little extra work, but it’s so worth it in the end. Keep these cool styles in mind the next time you pick up a ceramic iron; they take a little bit of extra thought and some preparation, but seriously, they’re the look you want this year, as 2017 comes into full swing. Stay tuned for more style suggestions from yours truly, and you might just find your new look.


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