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Three Celebrity Hairstyles you can Try at Home with HSI Professional Hair Products

by HSI Professional | Mar 08 2017

The summer season is only a few months away and people are vying for stunning hair makeovers. Celebrity hairstyles come and go, but achieving these styles seems impossible compared to the big bucks dropped by celebrities to get a simple haircut.

HSI Professional dug deep to find the best three celebrity hairstyles you can do in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to spend top dollar to achieve the look of your favorite celebrity and rock a fabulous hairstyle by the time summer rolls around. You'll need HSI Professional hair products, instruction, and a few basic styling tools to complete these looks.

HSI Professional Hair Products

  • Crown Braid

Achieving a royal look has always been a challenge since people want it to look elegant, but stylish. The crown braid is one of the best hairstyles to try out if you're wishing to copy some of the hairstyles that were on the red carpet. Jennifer Lawrence and Ciara were the ones to sport the crown braid in spades and look amazing in the process. Preparing your hair is the first step HSI recommends before settling down to braid it and complete the style. Using argan oil smooth shampoo and conditioner to ensure the hair is silky and smooth. Let your hair air dry so it retains its natural oils to make it easier to work with, but also cuts down on the amount of frizzy hair when you start making the braid. Brush the hair out until it's sleek and uses a flat iron to ensure the hair is as smooth as possible. Start the braid from the back and ensure the hair is split down the middle. Once the hair is braided, bring it around and wrap it so it encircles the entire head. Hair pins can be used in the back to keep the braid in place and complete the crowned appearance.
  • Wet Hair

HSI Professional understands when a certain hairstyle becomes a new trend and how achieving it can be a headache. The wet hair look is popular with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce featuring a head full of wet, sleek curls. Pulling off this particular style requires having healthy hair which can be achieved with the HSI Professional hair products five-part regime argan oil infused subscription. The subscription comes with five different hair products designed to improve the health of hair to make it fuller, sleeker, smoother, and silkier. Achieving the wet hair look only requires a few on-hand products and preparation to nail it on the first try. The hair has to be shampooed beforehand to prepare it for having those wet curls. Spraying liquid hair curler into the hair will allow it to curl while still maintaining the ‘wet' part of the hairstyle. Curl revitalizer will help to tighten the curls and should be combed through the hair using your fingers. Scrunching the hair a couple of times will help the curls to form and to hold their shape. Once the products have dried the hair will still maintain its wet appearance and look as if you just stepped out of the shower.
  • Rocking a Wig

wearing a wigPerhaps it's considered cheating, but wearing a wig is common to go to technique to ‘date' a look without committing to one. Many celebrities will utilize a wig for a more dynamic look without having to apply a harsh product to their hair which can be potentially damaging. Committing to a look with several streaks of color means sporting the style for several months at least which is why the wig is considered the best of both worlds. HSI understands how wearing a wig works and knowing just a bit on how to make them work effectively so they appear natural is simple. Split the hairline down the middle and braid the hair on both sides to pin it in the back. This keeps the hair sleek and close to the head, but also gives the wig something to hold on too. Wear a wig that fits your face shape, just like if you were getting a haircut. You want the wig to look natural so no one can tell the difference and your new look is more dynamic. Adjust the wig accordingly so it lines up perfectly with the hairline. There are some wigs with snaps on the inside so they can fit directly into the hair or may require a wig cap. Once the wig is properly in place and adjusted no one will be able to tell the difference.



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