Three Flat Iron Mistakes You're Making Every Day

by HSI Professional | Apr 19 2017

When it comes to using a professional flat iron, there are many ways it can be used or manipulated to create the perfect style. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The only problem, however, is that there is no guide that teaches the rights from the wrongs when it comes to wielding a flat iron.

On a day-to-day basis, women all over the world are ruining their hair with straighteners. They have absolutely no idea they are destroying their hair as they drag hot metal plates over their gorgeous tresses, but they are…and here is how:

The three top flat iron mistakes

Flat Iron Mistakes

One of the most major flukes when using a professional hair straightener is that women don’t know how to use them properly and burn their hair. All over the internet, novices can be seen scorching off their hair. This happens because they hold the hot metal plates of the straightener on their hair for too long and the hair literally melts and falls off. The hair should only be pressed for only about 5-8 seconds, then slid down, to the ends of the hair for a nice, smooth, straight look.

Another common error is putting the straightener on the highest temperature setting. This literally fries the hair to a brittle crisp. All modern professional flat irons are designed with various settings depending on the type, texture, and thickness of the hair. The thinner the hair, the lower the heat. Most hair straightening irons have a range of about 150-450 degrees. Read the instructions carefully before using a hair straightener and figure out which texture and type of hair you have before you begin.

Another mistake that occurs is that many women do not protect their hair with thermal protector. It’s so important to use a heat protecting serum to prevent the drying out and or burning of their hair. In a nutshell, the serum puts a layer of protection between the hair and the heat source, which, in this case, is the professional flat iron, to reduce the damage and chance of melting.

Still more blunders with hair irons

The aforementioned are some of the most common mistakes, however, there are much more that have surfaced. Women often straighten their hair directly after a shower when it is still dripping with water. This method of drying and straightening simultaneously is a grave mistake. This leads to fragile, brittle hair that is dry and breaking. Split ends are inevitable – and they lead to frayed and frizzy hair. Dry the hair completely first, before attempting to straighten it. Forgetting to prep your hair, or pre-treat it, before straightening is another important thing that often gets ignored. Washing, conditioning, drying, and brushing or combing the hair are all part of the essential pre-treating step.

Another thing most women never think about is the fact that hot irons for hair can burn or melt fabrics too. Get the hot tool too close to your shirt or favorite blouse and that pretty thing will be sporting a nice brown scorch mark. It is easy to forget that a straightener is a red-hot iron, but it is, and great care needs to be given when handling such a thing.

Never spray your hair with lots of hairsprays before straightening it. If you do it unknowingly, it will probably become very clear when your plan goes up in a cloud of smoke – quite literally. Heat and hairspray do not mix well and the combination will very likely cause the hair to begin to smoke. Always leave the hair spraying for afterward.

professional hair straightener

If hair is bleached or colored, high heats can have a negative effect on it. Dyed hair tends to be weaker than darker, natural colors, therefore it is unable to withstand most high temperatures. Heat also causes the color to leach out of the strands faster than it normally would, so this should be kept in mind when planning to straighten artificially colored hair.

Never forget to clean the straightener. Just like anything else, straighteners collect dust, burnt residue, etc. If not properly cleaned and well maintained, this junk could be baked onto the hair. It will also prevent a nice, sheen look as well. Wipe the plates with a damp cloth. In a rush, it seems smart to try to straighten as large a clump of hair as possible. But really, this is a very bad idea.

Not only does this not actually straighten the hair effectively, but it requires repeated strokes over the same hair – this also dries it out and makes it brittle. Ideally, hair should undergo only one stroke. Always keep the straightener moving slowly in the downward direction so the hair does not burn, and only make one pass.


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