Three Hair Transformation Ideas You Never Thought Of

by HSI Professional | Jan 29 2017

Every now and then you really need to switch up your look. Perhaps you've just gone through a breakup, you've changed jobs, or you just feel like you need a change. If you're feeling stuck in a rut, it's time to transform your hair. It's incredible what you can do with your mane, even temporarily. Here's three ideas that you've never even thought of, and how to achieve them.

Time For A New Look

It's the new year and your hair style is so 2016. Plenty of people get bored with their look and feel that they need a change. If that sounds like you, you need to make a change that's never crossed your mind before. What's the one look you never thought you'd try? That's what you need to go for. If that sounds ridiculous, stop before you dismiss the idea. Style is what you make of it.

Have you not tried that style because you don't think it would suit you? How can you know unless you try? Hair is one of the easiest things to change about your appearance. Try a new do! You can always change it again if you're not totally happy with it.

Three Hair Transformations You Never Thought Of

Here's three things you really should try with your hair, if you've never done them before.
  • Trying a new and daring color: If you've never dyed your hair, this is the year you really should start experimenting with color. Your natural color is beautiful, but there's so much you could do with a literal rainbow at your fingertips.

Have you always been brunette? Strike out and go a daring blond. Always been Barbie blond? Change it up with a brunette style! Going for the opposite of your natural color is going to turn heads and really freshen up your whole look. Go red if you're feeling brassy, or black if you want to channel your inner goth.

Really want to kick it up a notch? Try using a semi permanent color to add some rainbow shades into your hair. Always wanted to go hot pink? Now's the time. You can even go two tone, or try the pastel shades that have been so popular recently. If that sounds too much, try adding a few strands of color around your face. Just that little bit of color can really pop against your natural hair.

  • Chop all of your hair off: Yes. Chop it all off. You've maintained that glorious mane ever since you were a kid, but there comes a time when it all becomes too much. You're tired of having to blow dry and style it every day, and you really want to stop having to use the hair iron set every day. What's stopped you, though, is the idea that your face doesn't suit a short style, or that short styles are too 'butch'.
That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, there's a short style for everyone. Check out some styles from the last year alone. Chopped do's have been created that suit all face shapes, and still look feminine. Why not try a pixie cut, or even a buzz cut? Your head will feel lighter than it has done in years.
  • Add in extensions: Maybe you're the opposite. You've kept your hair short all these years, and you're tired of looking at the same do every day. Maybe you feel it's making you look older than you actually are. What are you going to do to switch it up?

You've thought about growing your hair out, but the idea of dealing with an 'in between' style is just too much for you. Plus, you've thought about the styling tools you'd need to get that mane looking good every day. Wouldn't it take hours to style it with a hair styling wand or flat irons? In fact, that isn't the case at all. Try getting extensions, and you can rock a mermaid style do every day.

You won't have to wait for it to grow out, and you can start enjoying life with flowing locks right away. Plus, modern styling tools actually make the styling process quick and easy. Curling wands heat up quickly and style your hair with ease. All you have to do is spend ten minutes with them, and you can get those mermaid style waves of your dreams.

Change It Up

As you can see, it's really much easier than you'd think to really transform your hair. Go against your own rules, and you'll see that you can carry off pretty much any style you want! Rip up the rule books and get a look that's new and fresh. What a great way to step into the new year.


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