Three Hairstyles that Are going to Catch on in Winter 2017

Professional curling wands

The winter season is approaching fast and that means it’s that time of the year again to start going over to new hair styles. The cold season is a time where hair will need special care since moisture in the air will be mostly absent during the winter time. This means for people who are particular about their hair styles as they have to crack out the best hair care products to keep their hair moisturized during this cold, dry season.

In-Between Length

Long hair is beautiful, but with it, the owner shoulders the extra responsibility to ensure their hair remains shining and healthy. Long hair can be a hassle to maintain even with using professional grade curling wand sets to give it that healthy bounce people find desirable. People who are going for a retro-vibe appearance may prefer the in-between length cut that will introduce them gradually to shorter hair.

Going from long hair straight to a short bob is a big jump for many people and they’re unsure if they want to make the change. This cut introduces long hair lovers to moving to a shorter cut by utilizing blunt ends and foregoing layers in return for the appearance of fuller hair. The hair style lends a sense of volume when introduced and is an excellent way to cut down on the hair maintenance during the winter.

Rocking the Curls

Professional curling wands are ideal for people who love curls and want to have that extra bounce during the winter season. Curls are one of the most popular hair styles out there since it lends a beautiful texture to hair and looks beautiful. During the winter season, it can also be beneficial since it keeps hair in place and doesn’t require much preparation. Curls can also help to hide any frizz that is caused by hair becoming too dry.

The thickness and fuzziness of the curls will help to hide any imperfections the hair may be showing due to the lack of moisture in the air. Curls also lend hair a sense of volume since they tend to have a nice bounce to them which is hard to pull off during the cold season.

Classic Bob

Curling wand sets are nice for going with a new look, but not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance during the cold season. Bobs, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds by being low maintenance, but still looking good in the cold season. Bobs that are chin length with a sharp edge and a side part are quite popular during the winter. They’re easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of time to look good first thing in the morning. Frizz is also more manageable with a bob instead of a long hair since there is less hair to deal with. Bobs are also a strong recommendation for people who have hair that has been damaged from heat or harsh chemicals.

Keeping the hair shorter makes it easier to manage the damage and encourages new, healthier hair to grow in. Combined with argan oil infused hair care products, it will be easy to bring hair back to its shining, bouncing glory. The winter season is a cold one, but that doesn’t mean people have to sacrifice their sense of style this time of the year. Looking good when snowflakes are in the air is easy with just a few tips, tricks, and understanding how to care for hair.

The biggest challenge with the cold is the lack of moisture which can make hair feel dry and limp. Moisturizing hair with products like argan oil and using a professional curling iron set effectively can help people to maintain their style throughout the season. Try out these popular hair styles and see how much they make a difference this winter season.

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