Three Products you should Use After a Hair Iron Set

As many women know, curling your hair can be quite the task, especially if you do not have it down to a science.  It can be so easy to ruin those otherwise perfect curls with just one wrong move.  Even for the women who know the ropes of curling their hair, it is not hard, to damage it.  Too much heat can create dry and brittle strands, heat applied too often can also cause extensive damage.

Trying to curl or straighten your hair while it is still wet after a shower is a grave mistake.  Failing to brush out your hair before it is straightened or curled is also an error.  Each of these scenarios can create breakage, frizz, and split ends.  Avoiding these pre-straightening pre-curling blunders is the best step towards making your hair flawless.  However, there is still more you can do to take preventative measures to ensure your hair is protected from the applied heat of the hair iron set.

Guard your hair with heat protectants before using a hot iron.  As part of the curling prep, the thermal protector creates an invisible barrier between the heated curler and the hair, protecting it from the intense heat and preventing damage while the hair is being curled.  This thermal protector is a lightweight spray that is spritzed or misted over the hair before a professional hair curling iron is used. 

This argan heat protectant is a spray that can also be used during curling as a styling mist because it detangles the hair while giving it a sleek, healthy look, and moisturizes as the hair is being worked.

professional hair curling iron

Three products you should use after a hair iron set

Post-curling, you should follow up and treat your hair with argan products to lock in the moisture and keep those luscious tresses looking voluminous and silky.

From heat protectants to conditioners and shampoos, or leave-in treatments and hair masks, HSI has so many wonderful products that will revolutionize your hair game:

1 and 2:  The argan oil conditioner and shampoo work just like any other hair conditioner and shampoo.  Intended to be applied to the damp hair while showering, these products rehydrate dry, damaged tresses.  After curling your hair, when it is time for a shower, wash your hair with the shampoo, followed by the conditioner.  These products will not affect colored hair and are said to be wonderful detangling agents.  They will lock in the moisture and will keep your hair looking fabulous when you curl it.

3: The argan leave-in hair treatment is to be done exactly as it suggests.  Once sprayed into the hair, it should be left in.  As it settles in, it soaks into the hair, moisturizing and nourishing the strands to give them a silky, rejuvenated look and texture.  It infuses the hair with vitamins and moisturizing proteins to revive and strengthen the strands. 

These leave-in oils are sulfate-free and are natural products.  Again, after curling your hair, and before the next curling session, reinfuse your locks with vitamins to keep them always looking at the top of their game.

What are argan oils?

Argan oils are derived from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree which is a native to Morocco.  Eaten as a dipping sauce on bread by the Moroccan natives, argan oil is now popular in the United States as nourishing body lotions.  Also used in shampoos and conditioners, argan oil is known for its moisturizing properties.  It stimulates hair growth, revitalizes damaged strands, and infuses those gorgeous tresses with natural vitamins.

Why buy curling wand sets?

HSI Professional,

If you curl your hair, you use some type of curling iron.  But you may not have been aware that each tool comes in many different sizes, shapes, and forms.  Each one has a specific purpose, too, and yields different results.  Here at HSI Professional, we offer many different kinds of curling wands and flat irons. 

So many straighteners, curlers, and other hair tools only serve one purpose.  It can get hectic, not to mention expensive, having so many different tools for so many different looks, especially if they are not all multi-purpose.  It is time to simplify on your gadgets and save some money in the process. How awesome would it be to spend a fraction of the cost on hair tools? 

And never have twenty-five different appliances laying around?  Well, we understand the struggle which is why we now offer curling sets.  Each set includes everything you should need for practically any look, at just a fraction of the cost.  Just like all those commercials advertise – “bundling saves you money!”  It’s true. To get the looks you want, while pocketing all those savings, it’s usually best to invest in hair curling sets.

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