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Three Reasons to Invest in a Professional Curling Iron over a Cheaper One

by HSI Professional | Apr 21 2017

Shopping for a good deal is second nature for people and in many cases, it pays off, literally. Who doesn’t love that rush of euphoria when they find a product, they’ve had their eye on for months? Discovering their patience has paid off and rewarded them with the same product at a cheaper price! Saving cash is always a good thing, but in many cases, it can go together with making sound investments when it comes to certain products. One of those products is a professional curling iron which can vary in price and quality depending on where you shop.

Professional Curling Iron

Looking at the Quality

We encourage our customers to invest in sound products, especially when it comes to the kind of styling tools they use for their hair. The pricing of a professional curling iron set should not be a topic taken lightly and should be put under scrutiny. The reason being the price difference hinges on the same bar as quality. While a curling iron at a convenience store may be cheaper, customers are sacrificing for quality when purchasing the lower priced product.

Cheaper curling irons are not as well made as the professional grade ones we carry here at HSI Professional. They suffer wear and tear quickly, are constructed poorly, and may even cause damage to your hair. Many of the lower priced curling irons don’t even have temperature control which is essential to getting the best results when styling hair.

The Materials Are Not Up to Par

One topic we discuss frequently is the materials used for a professional curling iron and the benefits of each one. Ceramic and tourmaline are two of materials we discuss frequently due to their results and benefits they offer when it comes to hair styling. They’re household names among professionals since they offer the best and longest lasting results compared to other materials.

Lower priced curling irons don’t have the higher quality materials or if they do they’re not upheld to the standards we hold our products over here at HSI Professional. A cheaper ceramic curling iron may start to chip and wear away after just a few uses. These chips can cause hair to snag or expose the metal plate underneath which can cause hair to burn and stick. The risk of damaging hair in favor of saving a few bucks and a sub-par quality curling iron is not recommended.

We recommend customers use a ceramic iron if they have fine or delicate hair and tourmaline for thicker hair. While both materials can be used for each hair type, there is also a hybrid version available between the two for people who enjoy the benefits of both.

Not Having Enough Control

Professional Curling Iron

We are proud of the high quality of our wand curling iron set for the amazing results are customers can enjoy when styling their hair. In the past, we’ve provided tips on how to maximize the results when using these hairs curling tools and to prevent heat damage to hair. Temperature control is another major contender for getting the best results and keeping hair healthy. The one rule of thumb we ask customers to keep in mind when using our products is the finer and more delicate their hair, the lower the temperature needed for styling. When the hair is thicker and stronger, the higher temperature needed to change the texture and structure of the hair.

The lower priced curling irons do not always feature temperature controls that are needed when using a wand curling iron set. They usually have a set temperature that can be devastating for certain hair types, the surface can become too hot and burn the hair. This damage can be hard to reverse with even the best hair care products, forcing many people to wait until their hair grows out so they can cut off the damaged parts.

We encourage customers to exercise caution when shopping around for a wand curling iron set. Knowing the type of materials and quality they can expect when purchasing a new hair styling tool is essential for making the right investment. We are eager to help out here at HSI Professional and keep high-quality wand curling iron sets on hand for customers to purchase at their convenience.



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