Three Reasons You should have a Straightening Brush in your Travel Bag

There are over 86,000 hair care establishments in the US alone, with 82,000 of those being beauty salons, and 4,000 being barber shops. Even with this many hair salons scattered across the United States, it’s not always convenient to make an appointment every time you need to have your hair straightened. Especially for people who are traveling and need to bring their beauty supplies with them; in which case a straightening brush will fit in seamlessly with their daily beauty routine.
  • More Control

What’s the difference between a heated straightening brush and the average flat iron? They do the same job, but is one better than the other? Not necessarily, but when you’re pressed for time every second counts, especially if you have a lengthy beauty routine in the morning. Using our Glider Heated Straightening Brush is the ideal option for a product offers better control and range of motion when straightening out hair. One of the drawbacks of using a flat iron is being unable to have that finer control when straightening out hair.

Experienced users don’t often have any issues with using a flat iron, but there’s always the risk of holding it too long against their hair during the straightening process. This causes heat damage to hair which can be impossible to reverse and in some cases is followed by an unpleasant odor. People who are new to the world of hair straightening may find the brush easier to use since they have a better grip, greater range of motion, and after a little practice find it’s easy to get those salon level results.

Straightening Brush

  • HeatBalance Technology

The general rule with hair straightening is the finer and delicate the strands, the lower the heat should be. When using a straightening brush, one of the main concerns is heat distribution since the development of hot spots. Heat can severely damage hair which can be irreversible until it starts to grow back or repeated use of certain treatments. Our 4 HeatBalance microsensors regulate the temperature and distribute the heat evenly throughout the brush.

Fewer passes are needed to straighten out hair which saves time, frustration, and the lowers the risk of heat damage. The digital display shows the current temperature of the brush which can be adjusted between 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit. How does this even heat distribution happen? Our Glider Brush combines ceramic and tourmaline on an infused hot plate to achieve this even heat distribution. Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that has been crushed and spread over the hot plate; this new material for flat irons and straightening brushes has shown to produce straighter, shinier, and less frizzy hair.

Ceramic is an age old material many salon artists today still trust, even on a preferred straightening brush. Ceramic has been proven to allow for an even heat distribution and has a lower chance of burning hair upon contact. The only drawback being ceramic can begin to chip off over time which can cause hair to snag. Combining these two amazing materials into one straightening brush means you’ll benefit from the best of both for an ideal hair straightening experience.

  • Time Saver

Glider Heated Straightening Brush

The other facet of hair straightening is the time it takes to straighten out a full head of hair. There are several steps to take before you can even begin the straightening process since you have to shampoo, condition, air dry, and then finally apply a heat protector before even getting started. This process can take well over an hour or more, combined with a daily beauty routine when you’re pressed for time you need a product that gets the job done in a timely fashion.

Using a heated straightening brush is the ideal solution since fewer passes are needed to achieve the end results. The fine tuning heat adjustments allows you to set the ideal temperature for your hair type so you have a greater range of control when straightening. Using a heated brush to straighten your hair is the go to solution when you’re traveling since it’s compact, easy to use, and has all the benefits of a flat iron.

People who have switched from a flat iron to using our Glider Brush have found it to be a seamless transition since the brush is easier to use and takes less time to achieve the desired results. They have a better grip on the handle of the brush and spend less time hair straightening, while enjoying salon quality styling.

Here at HSI Professional, we believe in the quality of our products and bringing salon style results right to your doorstep. Our commitment to excellence has allowed our customers to enjoy the beauty results they’ve come to expect in the convenience of their own home. We understand when you’re traveling and time is a necessity, you need every tool available to get through your beauty routine in a timely manner. Our heated straightening brush is the ideal solution to providing those high quality results you’d expect with a flat iron with none of the drawbacks.


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