Tips + Tricks to Remove Tricky Costume Paint/Makeup

by HSI Professional | Oct 27 2016

Dressing up for Halloween may be exciting, but taking off all the costume paint at the end of the day can be pretty nasty, especially when your skin is still stained after a good scrub. We don't want you to look like an American Horror Story after party. 

So, here are our best tips and tricks to save your skin and avoid the Halloween walk of the shame the morning after:

  • Water and soap – the classic method will do the job if you used water-based paints, so try it first to see if you manage to remove every little spot and streak.
  • Coconut or Jojoba Oilnatural oils work wonders especially with oil-based makeup. If you already have our argan oil, it should also do the trick!
  • Makeup Remover – try using your regular remover (or wipes, or even cold cream). That’s what they are made for, right?
  • Vaseline – this is an oldie but goldie used to remove even the most stubborn of stains. Simply apply it to the skin and wipe off straight away.
  • Baby Lotion – a great alternative to body lotion, it will protect delicate skin from irritation.
  • Shaving Cream – removes stains easily being the go-to option for very sensitive skin.
  • Alcohol – this is a little extreme, but works well on body glue that does not peel off. Use on cotton pads in small amounts to avoid rashes.

What are your tips for de-costuming when the Halloween party is over?


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