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There are so many ways hair can become damaged.  Washing it too often, using a harsh shampoo, styling with too many chemicals, drying too vigorously with a towel, blow drying too often, straightening or curling while the hair is still wet, straightening or curling too often, brushing too hard or too frequently, brushing while hair is still wet, yanking hair ties out of a ponytail, braiding too tightly, too much direct exposure to the sun or wind, living in a dry climate, lack of vitamins in your body, etc. Hair can become dried out and brittle so easily and it takes a lot of patience to have healthy, beautiful hair.  Luckily, our argan for hair products are wonderful for all types and textures of hair.

Argan oil is actually the oil that comes from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree which is native to Morocco.  While this argan oil is eaten by the natives on breads and other delicacies, it is used in America as body and hand lotions.  It is said that the Phoenicians, in as early as 1550 B.C., have recorded the use of Argan oil by locals to heal and beautify their bodies.  It took a while however, for the news of this “liquid gold” to spread around the world. 

Once the fruit is picked from the tree, it is laid out to dry; when it is dried the pulp is removed. From that, comes the argan oil which is high in moisturizing vitamins, such as vitamin E, and other proteins.  It is helpful for stimulating hair growth, moisturizing, and revitalizing damaged hair.  Vitamin E not only stimulates hair growth, but naturally moisturizes the scalp to help fight dandruff as well, which is why hair products use argan too.  It gives you healthy, long-lasting hair with a silky look and healthier feel.

Argan for hair is the answer you have been waiting for

HSI Professional is proud to offer an argan oil leave in hair treatment that “repairs and enriches damaged hair.”  The argan oil treatments replenish the natural oil in the hair and restores the moisture to the dried out strands.  Giving those tresses a renewed shine, this oil treatment is perfect for all types and textures of hair.  From heat protectant, to conditioner and shampoo, or leave-in treatments, argan hair care has it covered.   The leave in hair treatment is…well, exactly that. It is an argan oil that is to be sprayed or massaged into the hair and left in. 

As it settles, it soaks in, moisturizing and nourishing the strands to give them a sleek, healthy look and feel.  The argan oil smoothing mask is designed to be massaged into the hair and scalp and left to soak for 5 – 10 minutes before being rinsed out. It infuses the hair with vitamins and moisturizing proteins to revive the hair.  These leave in hair oils are sulfate-free, phosphate-free, and paraben-free and are safe for human hair, as well as for hair extensions.

How do argan oil hair products work?

Argan for Hair

The argan thermal protector is a lightweight spray that is misted over the hair before straighteners and curling irons are used.  The thermal protector creates an invisible barrier between the heated straightener, or curler, and the hair, protecting it from the intense heat.  The spray can also be used as a styling mist.  It detangles the hair while giving it a shiny look, and moisturizes it as the hair is being styled. Argan oil hair conditioner and shampoo work just like any other hair conditioner and shampoo.  To be applied to hair while showering, this conditioner is rubbed into the scalp and hair and left to sit for a few minutes as it rehydrates those damaged strands. 

The shampoo is used similarly.  Both are gentle on colored hair and act also as great detangling agents.  Both products have about a 4.5 stars out of a possible 5-star rating.  Each can be bought separately or together in an oil wash set of 2 8-ounce bottles, or 2 32-ounce bottles. The argan oil wet line set is a collection of each product, sold all in one set.  They come in sets of 4 8-ounce bottles or 4 32-ounce bottles. Made in the United States of America, these argan oil products have not been tested on animals.

Take a look at those reviews

Anytime you go to buy a product of any kind, it is good to take a look at the reviews.  Learn from other people’s mistakes or rewards.  If many people have negative things to say about the product, then you may want to think twice about your purchase, but if everyone is an avid fan, then go for it and take a risk.

In the words of HSI’s customers, these argan oil products for hair are “truly the best,” “easy to use and comb out,” “perfect for all hair, even thick or [very] thin hair,” “smells great,” “battles frizz and static,” “does not create a greasy feeling,” “smooths and tames hair like no other,” “super soft and manageable,” “keeps shine on [colored] red hair,” “stops hair from falling especially after coloring,” “creamy and it smells nice,” “lathers very well,” “high quality salon products at an affordable price,” “smoothed flyways out and make [hair] more vibrant,” “soft and silky feeling hair,” and they “bring nothing but soft, shiny hair.”

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