Top Tips For Using A Flat Iron On Uncooperative Hair

We've all been there. Sometimes your hair just won't work with whatever you're trying to get it to do. Sometimes it won't stay in that cool updo, sometimes it just won't lie straight when you want it to.

You'd think that straightening hair would be easy. After all, heat can do almost anything, right? Sadly, that's not the case. There is hope though! Check out these tips to get the sleek hair you've always dreamed of.

HSI Professional hair straightener

When your hair just won't play nice

It always happens. You're trying to get your hair to lie flat so you can get out of the door, but there's always that one section that won't do as it's told. No matter how many times you attack it with the hair irons, you can't make it do anything you want it to. It's frustrating to say the least.

The secret may be in the technique you're using. Getting straight hair takes more than a flat iron and persistence. Professionals know that you need to put the work in before you even turn them on. Here's where you may be going wrong, and how to fix it.

Mistakes you're making when trying to flat iron your hair

  • Flat ironing wet hair: You may well have tried this, thinking it may help your hair set flat if your iron it dry. However, you absolutely must not do this! Flat ironing wet hair actually fries it, causing lots of damage and singing to your hair. Besides, doing it this way doesn't even give you good results. Instead, you need to get your hair bone dry before you start to straighten it.
  • Not using the blow dryer first: The key to super straight hair is in the preparation you do. Before you use your HSI Professional hair straightener, you need to use the blow dryer on your hair. Use a paddle brush and direct the air flow down the shaft of your hair, encouraging the hair fibers to lie flat before you start straightening. That way, you'll get the best results.
  • Not doing the prep work in the shower: Even before you blow dry your hair, you need to be using the right products when you wash your hair. Look for products that say they'll help keep your hair straight and sleek. They'll include ingredients that will help you in your quests for straight locks! Start with getting the right shampoo and conditioner, and go from there.
  • Going full blast with the heat: The hotter your hair straightening irons are, the better results you'll get, right? Nope! In fact, using higher heats will just frazzle your hair, skipping the 'smooth' step entirely. Experiment and find the lowest heat you can use and still get a good result from.

Top tips to get the results you want

professional ceramic flat iron

  • Section out your hair: If you don't do this, it's harder to get to all of the hair and you'll still have sections that are still curly or frizzy. Section it all out with hair clips, and then get to work. It's an easy way to make sure you get every section you can, and make sure you don't keep going over the same sections time and time again.
  • Use a good heat protectant: This is more vital than you know. If you don't use it, it can lead to heat damage, which can lead to frizz. Heat protectant products protect your hair by applying a thin layer of silicone between your hair and the irons. This prevents a lot of damage, and it can help your hair stay sleeker for longer.
  • Invest in good tools: A bad workman may well blame his tools, but when it comes to your hair you need quality. Invest in good quality tools that will help you get the job done quickly. A professional ceramic flat iron can help you get straight hair in less strokes, and with much less damage. Make sure the plates are fully made of ceramic, though. Some are only coated in it. This coating can chip off, leading to your hair getting snagged.
  • Use smooth motions: As you straighten your hair, use smooth motions to run the flat irons through each section of your hair. This distributes heat evenly and gets the best result. Don't stop and start as you pull the flat irons through, as it can leave horizontal dents in the hair. Also, be sure not to press too hard on your hair as this can lead to damage.
No matter how unruly you think your hair is, you can get super gorgeous hair if you use these tips. Now you can have supermodel straight hair, no matter what your hair's texture is naturally.

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