Toss out the Iron and Try a Heated Straightening Brush

As long as there have been women, there has been the desire to look better, to bring the best you forward. Yes, what you think looks hideous, no one else notices, and truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The credit for this expression is attributed to two or three different people, one being Plato, but who is not as important as the why – what does it mean? As are other things said and interpreted there are many “meanings” for this phrase, one being how I feel about myself which many times is not good – beauty when I look in the mirror is overshadowed by what I deem myself to be in the realm of the mind who sees only flaws.

Heated Straightening Brush

Make Up Your Mind How to Make Up Your Face

While no one is exactly sure who invented makeup, it has been widely attributed to the ancient Egyptians, as are other beauty originals, such as eyeliner, some of which, like copper and lead could cause dangerous reactions. Beauty knows no bounds, and at least they looked good in the casket.

History of Heat Styling

While there are many hair innovations for which the inventor will never receive credit for various reasons, but we thankfully use some every single day. Such as the hair dryer for example, how many times a week do you use an electric hair dryer - probably more than one and maybe even seven days a week. But do you know who created this essential beauty tool? Believe it or not, the first hair dryer was fashioned from a carpet vacuum in 1890 by a man. Who knew? Other such heated hair appliances were hot rollers in 1930, the permanent wave machine in the early 1900s, which was cumbersome and difficult to use. Later, a better and easier to handle wave machine was introduced. In the end of the 1800s, a French hair stylist created a set of hot rollers; other heat appliances followed. In 1872 the first curling rod made with a heated iron rod with teeth was used to curl hair.

Marcel Grateau later improved the device which was easier to use. Although you may think using clothes irons to straighten hair was a fad in the 40s and 50s, it actually was used in 1909 by laying the hair between two irons used for pressing clothes. This must be done carefully to keep from burning the hair. No matter the fashion or the time, there are always the ones who dare to buck tradition and stand out from the crowd. Ms. Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield was that person in1912. Big hair was big fashion with big curls in the early 1900s but Lady Schofield was obsessed with straight hair, and when she did not find the appliance she wanted to straighten her hair, she invented one.

Some Like It Hot

The Lady’s invention was similar to a modern day pair of tree trimmers and also to modern day curling irons in that it has a hinged body with metal plates that were heated and then used it to remove all curls. The appliance had to be used with care as it was heated with fire. Some time later, a metal comb was invented that could be heated and combed easily through the hair to straighten better. The first electronic ceramic straighteners allowed the user to set the desired heat level to protect the hair from damage. In addition, experts advise not to use heat every day, use a heat protection spray when you do, and use the lowest heat setting possible.

Other appliances, such as the HSI curling iron or curling brush work in different ways and what look you desire will dictate your finished style. The curling iron comes in many sizes for different size curls, and some have a clip to hold the hair, while others are held with a heat proof glove and held by hand, A curling brush has rows of plastic combs with a heated strip between each one and allows you to better control where the heat is going and holds it at the same time.

HSI Professional

The Flat Iron

The flat iron is called a variety of names like a flat iron, straightening iron, and a straightener, but no matter it is called, they all do the same thing, straighten your hair.

The Heated Brush

One thing the heated straightening brush won’t do that the flat iron will do is curl your hair. Although many are unaware that the flat iron can curl your hair as well straighten it, do a bit of poking around online. It is easy to find and play and see what your flat iron can do. But what can the heated brush for you? For one, the heated brush makes straightening your hair as quick as brushing it and the bristles are not hot at the end so it is safe and doesn’t burn your scalp or fingers. It’s faster.

The brush works for all hair styles and lasts all day; when the work is out and you are heading out to eat or to meet friends, there is no need to style more because it lasts all day and more. Flat irons should not be used every day – but we all know you do, so do yourself a favor and use the brush instead.

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