Use Curling Sets to Get the Perfect Hollywood Look

The glamour seen on the red carpet is often a starting point for the fashion ideals of many. Many a starry-eyed fashion follower have tried to replicate the sophisticated ringlets and loose curls of stars both historical and contemporary, but it is not the easiest feat. There are, however, lots of ways to achieve these coveted looks, and this guide will put them at your fingertips to try and perfect today.

Haircuts Matter

When attempting to achieve the Hollywood curls, it’s best to have a haircut that is conducive to what you’re trying to get. A blunt haircut without layers can be extremely helpful to achieving an old Hollywood hairstyle, but layers can add dimension to the overall look, adding long curled tresses next to shorter lengths. However, the old Hollywood hairstyle is best achieved with hair that is all one length.

If you’re going for a Lauren Bacall or Marilyn Monroe look, it’s best to have shorter hair. The longer the hair is, the harder it will be to get the waves in the position you are hoping for.

Take Care of the Hair Beforehand

A glossy, healthy wave is best achieved if your hair is well-conditioned and maintained first. Some find that it’s best to achieve curls when hair has been freshly washed and conditioned, or even recently dried. A deep conditioning treatment will moisturize the hair and make for smooth, flowing waves.  

Conditioning not only helps protect your hair but also helps "bend" the hair into waves and curls. One starlet recommends using a good leave-in conditioner and a bit of hair serum prior to curling.

Use a High-Quality Iron

Many drugstore curling iron wands are affordable, but they may be made of cheaper materials that don’t conduct heat as evenly and may damage hair. Using a high-quality professional hair curling wand like the HSI Groover is better for your hair. It features an ionic ceramic tourmaline-coated barrel with 8 HeatBalance® micro-sensors to regulate the heat temperature 5 times per second and evenly distribute heat for curls that shine and last longer. The digital LCD screen offers 15 different heat settings for your particular hair type and texture, and its ensured even distribution prevents hair damage from “hot spots”.

Curling Sets to Get the Perfect Hollywood Look

Method Curling

You will need:
  • A professional curling iron
  • Setting spray
  • Aerosol hair spray
  • Strong hold hair spray
  • Boar-bristle brush
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Duckbill clips
  1. Using a smaller barrel, like a 1” hair curler wand, it’s easier to achieve the tight ringlets of Old Hollywood. Use a high-quality, light setting spray. Put a deep side part in your hair to emulate the far side parts of stars past.
  1. Starting at the back of your head, take a small section, brush it out to smooth it, lightly spray it, and roll it under from the ends, using a duckbill clip to keep each curl in place as it cools.
(Using smaller sections of hair means more heat penetration goes into each section, giving you a tighter curl.)
  1. Roll each section under, taking care that the ends are smoothly tucked before curling the length of the hair so that the ends curl under when the curls are brushed out.
  1. Use even smaller sections of hair near your face for tighter curls, so that the waves are dramatic when brushed out.
  1. Making tighter curls at the nape of the neck can also make for more volume underneath.
  1. Turn your head upside down and brush through the curls with a boar bristle brush, and finish with an aerosol hairspray.
  1. Switching between the brush and a fine-toothed comb, smooth the waves out, slowly working your way around your head, working in sections but blending all together smoothly.
  1. Work until the look is uniform and all ends are curled under.
  1. Use duckbill clips to put the waves around your face in place.
  1. When you have the sculptural look you like, smooth away and flyaways as much as you can and spray your hair liberally with a strong hold hairspray.
  1. Remember—practice makes perfect!

Curling Sets

With these steps and tips, you can practice, finding methods you like and different things that work well for you and your hair. Find products that you enjoy and that hold your hair in place. Your best friend will definitely be your professional wand curling iron; the higher quality the better.

Find lots of stars to emulate and try to achieve their looks with what you learn as you go. It’s fun to experiment with hair and what better way to find inspiration than the red carpet? As you become a master of curling your hair like Hollywood stars, be sure to take lots of selfies so you can share your mastery with all of your friends!

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