Using A Heated Straightening Brush On Curly Hair

Those blessed with curly hair may well love their locks, but everyone needs a change now and again. If you're thinking about a new, straight do, you may not need to wrestle with the flat irons just yet. A straightening brush could be the easy way to a sleek new look in minutes. Here's what they do, and how you can use one.

Heated Straightening Brush

Straightening Curly Hair Is A Pain

Let's face it, curly hair can be a nightmare to get to behave. Let it dry naturally, and it can stick up in all directions, become frizzy and knotted, and generally get in the way. That's why so many curly haired girls own a set of flat irons. Flat irons are good at what they do, but for you they mean you're spending hours every week in front of the mirror, irons in hand. You have to iron so carefully, or you'll risk damaging your hair. Plus, your arms are getting tired from holding them above your head for so long. Surely there's an easier way?

What A Straightening Brush Promises To Do

Ok, so what's a straightening heated brush? It's a paddle brush that promises to do the exact same job as your flat irons, thanks to the heated plate on the base. All you do is turn it on, let it heat up, then brush your hair. Of course, as with flat irons, you need to section your hair out and ensure you don't brush the same section multiple times, to avoid damage. It's also advised that you use a heat protectant as you would with flat irons, to protect against the heat. Otherwise, it's a much easier and quicker option than flat ironing your hair.

Do They Work On Curly Hair?

In a word, yes. Curly haired girls may think a straightening brush isn't for them, as they have such a hard time flat ironing their hair. However, a straightening brush is often the better option. This is because it's much easier to pull out and straighten every strand with a brush, and every part of your hair gets the same amount of heat. Despite it working like a flat iron, you're safe to use a straightening brush every day.

That's because your hair doesn't actually come into direct contact with the plate, as the bristles form a barrier. Unlike other heated styling tools, you don't need to give your hair a break from the brush every now and then. The best part? You're not going to be spending hours at the mirror anymore! The arm ache that comes with flat irons will be a thing of the past. What could be better?

How To Use A Straightening Brush

It's really simple to use a heated straightening brush. Here's how to get the best results.
  • Turn on the brush and let it heat up. You'll need to pick a temperature for it to heat up to. Pick the lowest heat you can use and still get a good result with. This helps avoid a lot of heat damage, as some people often crank the heat to get the job done faster.
  • Section out your hair, so you can ensure every part of your mane has been attended to.
  • Apply a heat protectant. This places a protective layer between your hair and the brush, saving it from damage again.
  • Now brush! Pass the brush through each section, making sure you get every part of it. You should only need one or two strokes to get the job done. If you can't, you'll need to make smaller sections or up the heat. Try the former first, to avoid exposing your hair to unnecessary heat.
  • Let your hair cool, then brush out or style as usual. You'll have poker straight locks without any of the hassle.

Glider Brush

Try The HSI Glider Brush

If you want to try out a straightening brush for yourself, look no further. Here at HSI, our Glider brush is the best on the market. It has all the same features as our flat iron Glider range, but the ease of use of a brush! There's the HeatBalance technology, which stop hot spots forming on the plate and damaging your hair. The plate itself is tourmaline infused ceramic, as is the rest of our heating styling tools.

There's a digital temperature gauge, so you can pinpoint the exact right temperature for your hair. There's even the auto shut off feature, which means you'll never leave the house and worry about having left the brush on. So there you have it. It's easier than you think to straighten your hair with a straightening brush. Get sleek hair in a matter of minutes, and banish the frizz for good.

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