What Colors Are Hot this Season? HSI is on the Case

Summer is only a few months away, so it's time to start preparing for the brighter hues as the hot weather approaches. Updating an existing wardrobe or debating about what colors to wear this summer season can be a bit of a hassle. People want to wear clothes that fit their style and make sense during the hottest part of the year. Today, HSI has decided to share their top color picks that will suit any wardrobe this summer season.

Cool & Revitalizing

Turquoise is the first pick from HSI everyone should know and love. During the hot weather season, it's best to avoid the darker colors of winter since they can draw in more heat from the sun. Instead, going with a bright and cool color like turquoise is the ideal route. Turquoise has that revitalizing edge to it to show off a love for summer without raising the heat. The color matches well with small pieces of jewelry, tanks, and even shorts. The color is bold, but not too bold for people who prefer softer pastel colors.

HSI Professional

Royalty in Every Step

Mauve and lavender are another popular picks from HSI Professional we recommended to wear during the summer season. The color purple has been associated with royalty in the past and sometimes it's nice to bring that back into style. The darker, juicier version of purple is grape and adds a pleasant twist to any outfit.

Different hues of purple pair well together during the summer season and certainly stands out from the crowd. While purple is not as bright or cool as turquoise, it certainly adds a nice twist to any outfit. The shades of royalty can be utilized well in small clothing items like a ring, necklace, shoes, belt, or even sunglasses for those feeling adventurous.

Celebrating the Sun

Pastel colors have seen a rise in popularity the last few seasons and it's not hard to see why. The soft, lemon inspiration of color speaks of drinking a cool lemonade during some of the hottest seasons of the year. Nothing quite makes a statement like neon yellow with the stamp of approval from HSI Professional. Individuals who aren't satisfied with the usual softer colors who want to make a bold statement will love neon yellow.

There is an energy to the color that speaks volumes, adding a hint of electricity to any outfit. Yellow certainly catches attention in any crowd and celebrates the star of the season, the sun. Used in varied doses, yellow can be an effective tool for bringing energy to any outfit. Usually in the form of a handbag, ring, or even a short sleeved top for those who want to be the ‘star' of the party.

Juicy Coloring

Energy colors are excellent for bringing that sense of fun in the air when the summer season rolls around, but there's one color everyone can relate too. Shades of green are always a popular choice since it celebrates the coming of summer and the end of winter. The dark colors of winter can leave the eyes hungry for something vibrant and full of life to celebrate the coming of spring. Green offers several eye-popping hues to decorate any summer wardrobe and to add that extra flair associated with the summer season.

Avoid neon green colors since yellow matches that bold statement better. Green can be a fun, cool color similar to turquoise in its design if used effectively. Usually a handbag, top, or even a simple short sleeved shirt will be an additional fun statement to any key outfit. Using different shades of green in harmony with each other is the ideal way to get the most out of this color scheme.

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Celebrating the Energy

Summer is a vibrant time to enjoy considering all the concerts, festivals, and celebrations that take place during the season. Coral has been considered one of the mainstays of the summer season and a favorite of HSI Professional. Coral lingers between the energy and boldness red brings but does it in a subtle way. Coral is even an ideal color choice for the spring season since the softer reddish and orange hues pair well together.

Wearing hot weather hues means adding energy to an outfit without being hot yourself. Considered chic and casual, coral has the benefit of being bold while still being a shade not seen every day. The color matches well with shoes, a skirt, and even pieces of jewelry.

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