What Happens to your Hair During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is an amazing and wonderful time in your life, but here’s an important question: what happens during it, besides the obvious? One of the most interesting developments that you are going to deal with throughout the course of your pregnancy, without a doubt, is your hair, and while there are some women who never experience pregnancy hair, most will deal with it, and you may think it to be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, we’re certain that your hair straightener is about to get a serious workout.

Time to Break out the Hair Straightener

When you become pregnant, your hair is going to actually feel much fuller, but here’s the catch: you’re not growing more hair. Additionally, the strands aren’t going to be any thicker. So what does it mean exactly? Well, it means that you’re losing your hair more slowly than normal. How does that work exactly, and why is it even happening? It all starts with understanding exactly what is happening to your body during the pregnancy, and something you need to understand is that in a normal state, 85-95% of your hair is in a growth state while the rest is in the resting state.

Once the resting period ends, the hair falls out naturally, which is something that you notice most often in the shower (you know all about the clogged drains, right?). After this hair falls out, it is normally replaced by new growth, and this is where pregnancy hair differs. Throughout the average pregnancy, you will be producing greater levels of estrogen which serve to prolong the growth phase. This means your hair will she less, and you will have thicker tresses. In addition to that, your hair might become shinier, and have significant changes in texture. If you have curly hair, for example, it could be come straight. There are some women who love this change, and there are some who abhor it; it all depends on who you are and what you like.

Your Hair After Pregnancy

The hair that you deal with following your pregnancy is going to be quite a bit different. Instead of thick, shiny hair, your growth cycles will return to normal, and with that being the case, you’re going to have hair falling out. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re going bald, it just means that life is going back to normal.

What to do with Pregnancy Hair

There are a ton of different things that you can do with your pregnancy hair other than simply dealing with it. For example, if you want to reduce the volume, you can proceed to use a professional hair straightener to pull downward on your locks rather than upward as this will create the illusion of flatter hair. On the other hand, if you want to make it appear larger, you simply straighten upward rather than down. It’s a very simple concept, and over the next few days, we’re going to be discussing the steps that you can take to make your look amazing in the throes of pregnancy.

Get ready, because you’re going to need to break out your professional ceramic hair iron more than once. It’s not going to be easy, but at the end of the day, it will be well worth it to learn how to manage the pregnancy hair and bring some order to it. Use our tips and tricks, and make sure your hair looks just as good during pregnancy as it does any other time of the year!


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