Why Use a Straightening Brush?

There are so many styling products to choose from, how can you know what is best for you? The internet has broadened our horizons immeasurably, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. What is a straightening brush? And how does it measure up to other heated styling products?

Some like it Hot

We all know that too much heat for too much time on your hair is a recipe for a fuzzy fried mess and a quick rush to the salon where, hopefully, your stylist can perform a life-saving, wallet sucking miracle. So, do your research before you jump into the magazine or television ad that seems too good to be true, and we all know what that means – brace yourself for sudden impact!

And for months of credit card bills as you try to cancel that $80 + a month before your bank account is drained. That part we don’t like it hot. So, right now before we blow it, let’s check out some heat-styling products and how they work for you and not against you.

Hot Comb

The hot comb came on the market in 1872 and although it was reported that Annie Malone invented the hot comb, she was just to the first to patent the hot comb; a Parisian hairdresser was the first to use the hot comb on his clients to emulate hair styles of the ancient Egyptians. A third party, Madame CJ Walker, later revised the design with wider teeth for use on African American hair.

Today’s comb features a curved spine that allows more heat to be added for a smoother straighter result. The hot comb also offers more shine and flexibility. The main drawback of using the comb at home is it more difficult to do with only two hands. It is easier for the professionals to handle.

Straightening Brush

The Straightening Brush

The innovative InStyler Original Rotating Hot Iron is among the first design that marries a straightener, and brush to smooth, curl and polish hair. It’s like having another hand because of its constantly rotating heated shaft and two brushes, one along either side of the rotating shaft. You simply load a section of hair into the InStyler and guide the rotating hot iron slowly from root to end for straight, smooth, beautiful hair. It easily curls and flips, and it works on all kinds of hair.

Since that time, another type of straightening heated brush that has been gaining fame, and the ease of use is up because from the look, this appears to be a simple hair brush; but this hair brush is anything but ordinary; this brush is hot one two different levels! Simply pull the heated brush through your hair as you normally would with an ordinary hair brush, but this is where the ordinary becomes fantastic – straight and shiny in record time.

Think of the time you can save in your morning with this baby! The Instyler brand also now has a straight up straightening brush. This brand is well thought of in customer’s eyes and the goodwill that comes with the name has to live up to the previous product. It’s worth mentioning the cost on the first Instyler with a price of $100 has only been reduced a nominal amount since, its inception, leading us to surmise that the product is still in high demand. However, for the cost conscious, there are some low-end priced models that do a great job without a high-end price tag.

How Does it Work?

Straightening Brush

Curling brushes surround each bristle with heat, so each strand gets heated and straightened, but the bristle tips are cool to keep your fingers and scalp from getting burned. Many brands use ceramic ionic technology which is a good option for performance and keeps the hair from frizz or damage and does not need touching up during the day. It even handles super curly locks without a problem. You can easily take the curling brush along in your bag for any stray pieces that drive you crazy and feeds your OCD (like me!); however, but you won’t need it.

Users say it cuts their styling time in half, but critics lament that these brushes cannot be used on wet hair, but, despite what the manufacturer’s claim, no heated appliance product should ever be used on wet hair, because hair is at its weakest when wet. Straightening brush technology is relatively new and it has come a long way from the inception until now and still improving so if you tried it a year or two ago and were not impressed, it is time to try it again.

Keep in mind the features you like, such as  a flat iron with auto shut off, and when it comes to time, saving it is what we all want to do (unless you are your own boss and you might give yourself a break). Temperature is a key item also. Some products have just one heat setting, and others have an up and down range for more versatility, and for those who are cognizant of what is their fried hair limit is can adjust as needed. Always go with the lowest setting you can for your hair’s sake. Some can easily top 550 degrees, and you can go there if you wish, but no hair professionals would suggest that.


Is there any side effect after using this product. Or can u plz suggest me about the precautions

Swati salunke September 10, 2017

Helpful tips for those who use a straightening brush for hair dressing and hair styling. Professional hair combs play a major role in beautiful hairstyles for special occasions.

Snehal Churi May 06, 2017

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