Your First Curling Set

You’ve bought your very first professional curling iron set and it might even be our all-inclusive Groover kit, but right now, your question is probably something along the lines of ‘How do I use this thing?’. Don’t worry! Everyone had to start somewhere, and curling irons can definitely be intimidating. Today we’re going to be discussing the 1-inch curling iron from HSI which is a bit different from your run of the mill retail store iron. You will need a glove to keep yourself from being burned during operation, so keep that in mind! Please feel free to check out the videos as well!

Choose A Heat Setting for your Professional Curling Iron Set

Once you pull your hair curler set out of the box and are ready to use it, you need to start by selecting the right temperature. Curling irons from HSI can go up to 450 degrees, though chances are you’ll never need to go quite that high. It is important that you choose the right temperature for your type of hair – more stubborn hair, like Type 3 and Type 4 will require a much higher setting to break the hydrogen bonds and get the curl that you desire.

Keep your Hair Protected

We can’t say it enough: make sure you protect your hair before you start styling it, especially with heat. There are way too many people who swear they don’t need to use any kind of protectant, but as professionals, we strongly recommend you check out our Argan oil spray, a top of the line thermal protectant. Before you start to curl, spray it all over your hair, and then wait until your hair is dry to begin styling.

Section it Off

Many people claim that curling takes forever, but it’s probably because they’re just grabbing random chunks of hair and hoping for the best. If you want better results, then it would be within your best interest to section off your hair into 1-2 inch areas using heat resistant clips. Do it correctly, and you can curl your hair in no time!

Make Sure you Hold it Right!

We mentioned earlier that you’re going need a glove to handle your hair wand set, and we still totally stand by that. As you curl your hair, your hand will be near the barrel, perhaps even touching it, so using our heat resistant glove is a must! When you’re curling your hair, you need to use your dominant hand to take a small section and wrap it around the barrel. Once you have it wrapped, count to ten and let it go! Once you finish the curl, feel free to hit it with a bit of hairspray. A touch here and there can help it to hold a curl for much longer. If you want to really enhance the curl, try using a tapered barrel, and while you’re wrapping, make sure it is all going in the same direction. For a little more diversity, wrap some back, and some forward.

Barrel Diversity is Key

Our set comes with four pieces and it is imperative that you choose the right barrel to get the right effect for your hair.

Big BarrelGet more of a wave, but less curl

Small BarrelThe smaller barrel will be instrumental in giving you a tighter curl When you choose a barrel, do so according to the style you want, and use the proper precautions.

Taking Care of your Iron

Finally, make sure that you are properly taking care of your professional curling iron, starting with the cleaning. After using it. Clean it off with a warm, damp cloth, and store it by folding the cord with the included strap.

Falling Into your Groove

HSI Professional is proud to present a wide range of professional curling iron sets including the Groover that comes with four different ionic ceramic tourmaline coated barrels, each of which is designed to give you different styling options. In addition to that, it includes eight HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the heat five times per second. As a result, you get even heat distribution and curls that last longer. The barrel also heats up in a few seconds, meaning you don’t have to lose any time when you’re getting ready in the morning – it’s the best piece of styling equipment you’ll ever own! Follow the tips above and fall into your groove – it’s time to get the curls you’ve always dreamed of with HSI’s high-end equipment.


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