A Blowdryer is a device that is designed to blow out hot or cold air onto damp hair to dry hair by accelerating the evaporation of water particles. According to Glamour " a blow-dryer can be either, ceramic, ionic, porcelain, titanium and infrared" ( When looking into a new Blowdryer you should look into: Wattage, look for a dryer with 1800-2000 watts that will cut time in half when drying hair and will last longer than a dryer that has less wattage and a smaller motor. Ionic scatters water droplets in hair without letting them soak in, allowing hair to dry quicker and a smooth, frizz free finish. This is best to use for thicker and hair that is difficult to dry. Porcelain, ceramic and infrared technology evenly distribute heat throughout the hair at the same time less harsh heat on the hair. Titanium is great to use if you have a lot of thick texture hair but it is a very hot dryer. The weight of dryer, you want to make sure that you choose a lighter weight dryer if you have thicker hair that may take longer, then someone that has thinner hair and their hair may dry quicker. The Blowdryer is not only used to get perfectly sleek straight hair but also volume and bouncy style. Check out this video on using the ribboning technique to get the perfect blow dry hair with movement.