Bobby Pin

A bobby pin is a type of hairpin, usually of metal or plastic, used to hold hair in place. Bobby pins come in different colors, black, silver, white and metallic bronze. Depending on hair color you would use a specific color bobby pin. You can create so many unique styles and looks with bobby pins, get creative and have fun with it! Tips INSERT THEM CORRECTLY: Make sure that when you are placing in your bobby pin into your hair the grooved side is down, which will assist in the bobby pin from moving throughout the day. If you feel any discomfort when you place the bobby pin in your hair, remove it and place again. USE THEM WITH THE EXTRA COATING AT THE END: If those little plastic balls at the ends of your bobby pins have fallen off, it's time to toss 'em out. If used without the coating at the end of the bobby pin, it can cause your hair to be snagged and pulled resulting in hair breakage. Create a quick hairstyle Curl hair using a flat iron or curling wand, grab pieces and pin in place following the direction the hair falls to create an effortless updo. Bobby pin trend Check out these trendy hairstyles using bobby pins Bobby pin types Get to know what type of bobby pin to use for each style Take a look at these two videos below to understand the different kinds of bobby pins and what styles you can create with them.