Hot Rollers

Bouncy soft curls without using all the hairspray and mousse, use Hot Rollers for just the right volume in the hair. According to Refinery 29 "Hot Rollers are an ideal option as a heat styling tool for fine hair since too much heat can cause damage" ( According to hairstylist Justine Marjan from Mane Addicts, those with fine hair should use smaller sized rollers on smaller sections and use a lower heat setting. “Wrap the rollers horizontally to maximize volume and to slightly overcorrect on the top section of hair, so the root is pulled up and forward,” she says. Let the hair sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes, then remove rollers and brush through.” if you have thicker hair a larger sized roller should be used to create a softer and natural curl and will need to sit for around 30 minutes. if you have shorter hair it may be difficult to put in so many rollers, you can use 2 to 3 rollers on the top part of your head to add volume and blow-dry the rest of the hair. As for long hair, you would want to use a larger size roller to get a nice soft curl with volume. Do you want to get in those trendy beach waves without using a hot tool? try placing jumbo rollers wrapping hair around the roller vertically. Types of Hot Rollers Ribbed, the more traditional style that does not snag on hair and easier to take out when removing them. Flocked has a velvet coating and is great to hold hair in place, as well as used to create tousled bouncy curls. Hot Roller Heating Technology Sponge rollers, which uses steam to give shiny curls in just 10 minutes, Ceramic infused rollers lock in the style and produce ions for a smooth and shiny finish. Finally, Wax Rollers hold in heat longer and style will last on hair that does not usually hold a curl.