Vented Brush

Vent brush is one out of the numerous brushes that gives the hair a unique styling Did you derive any meaning from its name? Perhaps, you did. ‘Vent,’ most probably associated with ventilation comes as one of the many brushes but works best when you want to make your hair voluminous. Get to know a vented hairbrush A vent brush has openings between the firmly fixed bristles and allows for maximum airflow while brushing the hair or heat styling. While it's clear that vent brushes have openings, the number of openings is not fixed. Depending on the maker, it could be more or less, but all works well. Uses of a vent brush • Creating a more voluminous hair with airspace • Styling your hair in a bouncy way • Makes your hair flowy • Gives your soft hair waves (particularly circular vent brushes) • Causes timely hair drying Obviously, the use of the vent brush doesn’t end with those listed above, as it even extends to giving your hair a smarter look. So you’re now wondering if the vent brush fits you and your hairstyle. Well, it may not be for every lady, but you need it if: • You have flat hair • You desire to have more voluminous hair • You want more movement at the end of your hair Using a vent brush Have you ever wondered if there’s any more efficient way of using a hairbrush than the typical idea of brushing down? If yes, then here’s how to use the vent brush without causing split ends or damaging your hair. • Often use a wide-toothed comb to run through your hair when it's wet to detangle and reduce knots • Apply your choice of hair care product and dry off to a large extent. • Section your hair and lift each section sequentially with your vent brush and make sure the concentration of airflow via the brush is directed upwards. This causes more volume and free movement of the hair • You can wrap some sections of your hair around the vent brush and use a hair dryer to create curls. • Finally, apply a hairspray to make the style firm. Did you try it? Now, you’ve seen how easy and efficient your vent brush can be among other brushes. Apparently, other brushes like the paddle brush, round brush, and others have where and how they work best. So it all lies on you to make the right choice of the hairbrush, follow the right procedure in using it; wham! You’ll have an impressive result on your hair. Get to know more about the uses of a vent brush here.